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Frequently Asked Questions

When will AB 60 licenses be available?

  • AB 60 driver’s licenses will be available January 1st, 2015.

How much will the AB 60 license cost?

  • The AB 60 license will cost the same as other driver’s licenses: $33 for a Class C/M application fee. Class C licenses allow applicants to drive most 4 axel vehicles and Class M is for motorcycles and certain electronic scooters

Is the written test only offered in English?

  • No, the written test is offered in a number of different languages. Additionally, the test can be administered in an audio format, or in an interview with a DMV examiner, by request.

How can I get help practicing for the driving test?

  • After you apply for an AB 60 license, you will be issued a permit to practice driving with another licensed driver in the car. Many community colleges and organizations offer paid driving classes. You can also take driver training (behind-the-wheel) classes in California secondary schools (high schools, technical schools, or adult schools) or at a state-licensed professional driving school.

What happens if I fail the written test or the road test?

  • You have three chances to pass each test

What documents do I need to show to get an AB 60 license?

  • The DMV has issued emergency regulations for the public to get their documents ready as January 1st approaches. Every applicant will need documents to prove 1) his or her identity and 2) residency in the State of California. The Mexican Consular ID from 2006 and 2014 and the Mexican passport from 2008 or later will be accepted as identification. For those who do not have other forms of identification, the DMV will accept documents related to a child or other family member, along with proof of the relationship.

How can I use my AB 60 license?

  • You can use an AB60 license to drive, and to identify yourself to police officers, e.g. in a traffic stop. It is unlawful for businesses, landlords, government agencies or officials, or program or activity that receives state funds to discriminate against you based on the type of license you have. Driver’s licenses do not give you a right to vote and do not make you eligible for any benefits that you were not eligible for without the license. A driver’s license does not give you the right to work as an employee. However, if in the future you are granted a status that allows you to work, you will be able to use the driver’s license as proof of identity along with a valid work authorization document, when you complete the I-9 form.

Does AB 60 contain protections from discrimination?

  • The law prohibits state or local government agencies, officials, or programs that receive state funds from discriminating against someone because he or she holds or presents an AB 60 license. This includes state and local law enforcement officials.