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Take the Freeway Insurance Challenge.

If we can’t beat your rate, we’ll pay you $50.

How to Participate in the Freeway Insurance Challenge

No purchase necessary. Only available in participating San Diego locations. For a limited time only; program ends December 31, 2021.

To take the Freeway Challenge: Bring in either your existing, active insurance documentation or a recent, printed quote from a competitive carrier including driver, vehicle, and coverage detail into a participating Freeway Insurance store. For the initial period of this program, only San Diego, CA, stores will participate. If Freeway offers the same coverage and terms for your driving record, and our insurance specialists cannot match or beat the formal rates you were offered by a competitive carrier, Freeway Insurance will pay you $50 by check.

Steps in the process

  1. Print out your existing, activate insurance rate documentation or a printed coverage quote you received within the past 30 days. The competitive documentation must include: Driver or drivers’ names, garaging address, vehicle (VIN# or specific make, model, year), detail of coverage levels, and annual rate including premium, price, and down payment. The driver motor vehicle record (MVR) must not have changed substantially since the competitive rate was quoted, specifically no additional tickets, accidents, or DUIs.
  2. Bring the documentation into a participating (currently San Diego only) Freeway Insurance location. Show the documents to the Freeway Insurance representative.
  3. The Freeway Insurance representative will attempt to find you a better price for that same coverage. We often save customers 30% or more!
  4. If we cannot find a better price, the representative will initiate a phone call for you with our Freeway Challenge support team of licensed independent agents, who will double-check our rates to ensure we cannot assist with the best price for you.
  5. Once the Freeway Challenge independent agent confirms your competitive rate is the best, they will ask you to email (or upload) the documentation to them. The agent will then send you the Freeway Challenge Redemption Form, or send it to the store agent to print out for you.
  6. The Freeway Challenge Redemption Form and documented competitive rate must be mailed to:

    Freeway Insurance Challenge

    c/o Accounts Payable

    7711 Center Ave., Suite 200

    Huntington Beach, CA 92647

  7. You will receive your check for $50 by mail within six (6) weeks.


No Purchase Necessary.

  • Current or past 3 month customers of Freeway Insurance or its Affiliates are not eligible.
  • One redemption per household per twelve (12) month period.
  • Competitive carrier rates must be for active coverage or a quote within the past 30 days. The competitive quote must be an exact comparison match in coverage type, levels, driver, driving record, garaging address, vehicle and mileage. Substantial changes to your driving record (including additional tickets, accidents or DUI) or the vehicle history since the competitive rate was quoted void this offer.
  • If Freeway Insurance does not offer the insurance type or coverage level shown in the competitive quote, we will offer the closest available comparison levels. If no comparison level quote is feasible, this offer is void.
  • Program available only in participating San Diego locations. For a limited time only. Program ends December 31, 2021, or earlier upon public notice via these rules.