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Frequently Asked Questions

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RV Insurance FAQ

What is RV or motorhome insurance?

Insurance for recreational vehicles (RVs) a.k.a. motorhomes provide property and liability coverage in case of an accident involving the vehicle that results in property damage or physical injury among other other coverages.

What does RV insurance cover?

RV insurance provides collision, comprehensive, and liability coverage for your RV or motorhome. There are also some protections that provide coverage for personal belongings on board your RV such as awnings and satellite dishes. Depending on your insurer, additional RV insurance in your policy may include:

– Total loss replacement coverage

– Emergency expenses

– Towing and roadside assistance

– Campsite and vacation coverage

– Underinsured and uninsured motorists coverage

– Full-time coverage for RVs that are your full-time residence

How is RV insurance different from auto insurance?

An auto policy does not have wide contents coverage compared to traditional RV insurance. This means that RV insurance offers similar coverages as car insurance plans regarding collisions and traffic incidents, but it also extends its protections to any special equipment or possessions that are kept in your RV permanently such as camping gear, portable electronics, and other items. There are even some RV insurance plans that can include special coverage for your pets if they get hurt while in your motorhome or recreational vehicle.

What are the three classes of RV insurance? What are the differences?

RVs and motorhomes are put into three different classes based on how they are built. The classes of RV include:

– Class A: Vehicles up to 75 feet long that are considered luxury coaches, motor coaches, and/or converted buses.

– Class B:  The smallest class of RV that don’t have a cab-over. These are mostly travel trailers, camper vans, and other cargo van-type vehicles.

– Class C:  This group class is for vehicles that use a standard cargo van as the driving portion of the vehicle and has a camper portion that extends over the cab area. This class also covers fifth wheel vehicles.

How much does RV insurance cost?

The price of RV insurance is determined by many factors. The contributing factors in determining the cost of your RV/motorhome insurance include:

– The class of your RV

– The usage of your RV

– Your driving history

– The limits and deductibles you have set on your policy

– Additional or optional coverage you wish to add

Before making any insurance purchase, do your research and get a free RV insurance quote online or speak with an insurance agent to get an idea of how much it will cost for you.

Is RV insurance legally required?

Motorhomes are required by law to at least have liability insurance while being driven on the road in the U.S. When it comes to other forms of RVs, the laws vary from state to state in terms of both the type and amount of coverage legally required. It is best to research your local laws to see what type of coverage is required for you to use your recreational vehicle legally. You may also consult with an insurance agent to make sure your RV’s policy adheres to local laws.

Am I covered if I live in my RV for all or just part of the year?

It depends on the coverage you purchase. Many insurance companies offer different rates and ranges of coverage depending on how often you use your RV and if you reside in it for road trips, part of the year, or permanently.

How much RV insurance should I purchase?

It depends. The amount of RV coverage you’ll need is dependent on a number of factors, such as:

– The class of motorhome you own

– Any and all state requirements needed to legally operate an RV

– Where you travel and whether you’ll cross state/country borders

– Part-time or full-time usage

– Any custom features on or in your motorhome that could affect repair cost

It is best to discuss your RV and your needs with an insurance agent to make sure you are fully covered and legal on the road and at the campsite.

Where can I buy RV insurance?

Freeway Insurance can get you great affordable RV insurance rates from the top insurance companies in the country. Give us a call or get a free motorhome insurance quote online to obtain a quality plan that keep you legal and keeps your RV protected.