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Why Should You Wear a Motorcycle Helmet?

Close-up to a motorcycle handlebar with a helmet hanging from a side to showcase why should i wear a motorcycle helmet

Millions of people enjoy riding motorcycles. Some take their bikes out occasionally, others belong to a group that rides every weekend, and a small number of riders depend on their motorcycles for transportation to and from work. And they all should wear a motorcycle helmet.

If you currently have a bike or you’re thinking about buying one, you must have insurance. Just as with automobiles, the type of coverage and the cost of the premiums depend on several factors. A few examples are the bike’s power, how often you ride, and even your budget. Something else to consider has to do with wearing a motorcycle helmet.

Today, motorcycle helmets run the gamut. Whether you choose an open-face, modular, half, dual-sport, off-road, full-face, or some other design, there’s something for everyone. In some states, motorcycle helmets aren’t mandated. However, considering that every year more than 5,000 people die in the US alone because of motorcycle accidents, safety is paramount.

The Right Riding Gear Can Save You Money on Insurance

When someone purchases a home, the insurance company may offer discounts for certain items. As an example, if they have working smoke detectors, an alarm system, and other safety features, they’ll get a reduced rate. The same goes for motorcycle safety. The better protected you and any of your passengers, the less you’ll pay for an insurance policy.

When it comes to motorcycle safety, the following are some of the things you should consider adding to an existing bike or when buying a new one.

  • Antilock Brakes – Like cars and trucks, a lot of motorcycles come with anti-lock brakes. These allow the rider to brake faster. As a result, they remain in control, thereby avoiding motorcycle accidents.
  • Air Bags – If you’re new to the motorcycle scene, you might now know you can also select a bike with airbags. Typically, the manufacturer installs these just behind the windscreen. An alternative is to select high-tech riding gear with built-in airbags. That includes full-body suits, leather jackets, and motorcycle helmets.
  • Bike Design – Sure, you want a bike that looks great on the road, but at the same time, you want a safe one. Those with a wider or longer frame offer better control and traction. The size and weight of the bike are additional factors. However, always make sure you purchase a motorcycle that best suits our skill level and strength.
  • Anti-theft System – A lot of insurance companies also give discounted rates for motorcycles designed with anti-theft systems.
  • Lights – Even certain motorcycle accessories play a role in what you pay for insurance protection. You obviously want lights that enhance your visibility, but those with reflective qualities make it easier for other people on the road to see you.
  • Refining Skills – Whether you get a reduced rate on insurance or not, it’s always a good idea to brush up on your skills as a motorcyclist.
man riding motorcycle wearing helmet on the road

What It All Comes Down To

If you’re looking for excellent insurance that you can afford, it starts with the type of bike you buy and the riding gear you wear. Even in states that don’t require motorcycle helmets, people who wear them not only reduce their risk of serious injury or worse in the event of motorcycle accidents, but they also spend less on insurance coverage.

Talk to a reputable insurance provider to learn what factors will lead to discounted premiums. Most importantly, adhere to all laws and always wear a motorcycle helmet. It could save your life. Remember, motorcycle accessories, riding gear, and motorcycle safety features all affect what you’ll ultimately pay.

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