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How to Burglarproof Your Home While You’re on Vacation

A key with a keychain in the form of a house to illustrate ways to burglarproof your home.

There’s nothing quite like the feeling when you’ve packed your bags and are leaving home for a long-awaited vacation. Before you head out, however, you should take time to burglarproof your home. The last thing you need when returning home from a relaxing vacation is discovering there’s been an intrusion and your valuables are gone.

Although burglars are always on the prowl, the summer and holidays are two seasons when more people tend to be away from home. No matter what time of year, here are some tips to burglarproof your home.

Let your neighbors be neighborly

It’s always good to know and trust your next door neighbors, but it’s especially beneficial when you’re away from your home as they can help burglarproof your home. Not only should you ask them to keep an eye out for unusual activity, but kindly ask them to collect your mail daily so it doesn’t accumulate. Also, ask them to park their car in your driveway so it appears as if someone is inside the house.

The timing is right for timers

Timers are an excellent tool to burglarproof your home. It’s a good idea to use them on your lights (interior and exterior), TV and stereo. Consider using timers that turn on appliances at random times so it really seems someone is there, as opposed to having the lights go on at the same time every night. Either way, the lights and noise are useful to keep thieves at bay.

Hide your valuables in unlikely places

In the event that an intruder manages to break in, you can still burglarproof your home by hiding your valuables in places they probably won’t look. Among the items you should hide are credit cards, checkbook, gadgets, and any documents with sensitive information. Get creative with your hiding places: cookie jar, hamper, pantry or even inside an empty cereal box.

Be social on your vacation, not online

Chances are you or someone in your family who’s traveling with you is active on social media sites, like Facebook and Twitter. And if you’re like most people who go on vacation, you’ll be tempted to post about your travel plans, and then post updates and photos once you’ve arrived at your destination. To be on the safe side, it’s a good idea to simply post about your wonderful vacation once you return home. To burglarproof your home, make sure your settings are private so that only your close and trusted friends can see your updates. This will protect you from thieves browsing online to see who’s out of town. Even if you don’t post vacation-related updates, adjust your account settings so that your posts don’t automatically indicate your geographic location.

Vacations are meant to be fun and relaxing, so before you leave for your trip, make sure you burglarproof your home to avoid any headaches upon your return. A few simple precautions can go a long way in keeping robbers away.

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