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Staying Inside? Try These 8 DIY Home Projects

A young, Caucasian woman painting a chair depicts types of diy home projects.

Spending a lot of time indoors due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) lockdown and looking for something to do? How about some DIY home projects to keep you and your loved ones busy? Many beginner home improvement projects are easy, fun, and can even add value to your house in some cases. Best of all, there are many projects that you can do with supplies that you already have in your home – no need to go to the craft or hardware store!

Below are eight easy DIY projects for your home for hours of enjoyment.

1. Make Custom Shelves

diy shelf home project stay home

All you need to make your very own custom shelves are some brackets and a piece of wood. The best thing about this home improvement project is that you can choose any style of wood you want. You can also paint your custom shelves any color to match the room’s décor. 

2. Create a Paint Swatch Calendar or Wall Décor

woman looking at paint swatch decor diy

An attractive and functional paint chip calendar can easily be made with a poster frame and paint chips. You can choose whatever color scheme that goes with your taste or mood. Can’t decide what color to paint your wall? Make creative and attractive wall décor with paint color swatches pinned to the wall with straight pins. The best part about paint chips? They’re free!

3. Customize a Mirror

custom mirror diy home project stay home

If you’ve got a plain mirror frame, it’s easy to transform it for this home project. You can use bottle caps, pieces of broken CDs, seashells, and more—just glue them on for a mosaic look.

4. Paint Garden Stones

painted garden stone diy home project stay home

Keep track of what you’ve planted and where by painting large stones for your garden. You can use acrylic patio paint since it’s weather-resistant and permanent. Safe to use on wood, terra-cotta, and concrete, acrylic paint comes in a wide assortment of colors, allowing you to get creative with your stones.

5. Make a Jar Garden

jar garden diy home project stay home

Fill empty jars and decorative glasses with pebbles, soil, moss, and small plants for mini terrariums you can place around your home. 

6. Create String Art

string art diy home project stay home

Never heard of string art? You’re missing out! You can make string art by forming shapes (a heart, US state, apple, etc.) using a series of nails and a wooden board.

7. Turn a Closet into a Home Office

home closet convert into office diy home project stay home

Simply hinge the door and trade hanging rods for shelves—a deep one for the desktop and two shallow ones above for storage. Add accessories and presto! You’ve got a fab home office.

8. Give Plant Pots and Stands a Metallic Finish

plant pots painted in metallic color diy home project stay home

Spray plant pots and stands with gold or silver spray paint for a luxe look. These metallic pieces are perfect for your house or patio!

Hopefully, these DIY home improvement ideas sparked some creativity in you and your family. Staying home is during this time is the best thing for our safety and wellness—but who says you can’t have fun in your home? Spend your time staying safe and keeping busy!

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