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What Kinds of Water Damages Does your Home Insurance Cover?

Water damaged home and furniture to illustrate what kinds of water damage does your homeowners' insurance cover

When choosing a home insurance policy, it can get quite overwhelming and the details like water damage aren’t always remembered, especially if you live in a dry climate and away from areas with potential floods. It is important to note that in your home owners’ Insurance, water damage and flood damage are separate. When considering the coverage for water damage, you should look through all kinds of potential water damage that might occur in your home.

You should know what you purchased in your insurance policy, so that you won’t be surprised if the Insurance Company denies your claim. Home Insurance usually covers sudden water damage, which is defined as an accidental and sudden discharge of water. An example of sudden water damage, covered by Home Owners’ Insurance, is a broken water pipe or a faulty washing machine that causes excessive water to flow and cause damage to the home. Water damage that is caused by long-term water leakage is not considered as sudden water damage and most likely will not be covered by the home owners’ Insurance; this would be considered as a maintenance issue. It would be the home owner’s responsibility to fix a dripping faucet or repair a leaking pipe.

Mold is a common effect of water damage, whether it comes from a sudden water damage incident or a leaking pipe over the course of a year. It’s important to pay attention to water damaged areas and get it cleaned immediately to avoid the growth of mold that can cause serious illness in the home. Exposure to mold can result in itchy eyes, coughs, asthma, bronchitis, or other respiratory health problems. A little water leakage over time can become a huge problem and Home Insurance limits the coverage of mold, based on the cause of it. As mentioned before, long-term maintenance issues, most likely, are not going to be covered in the policy.

Before the Insurance Company can cover the cost to repair any damage, you’ll need to be able to prove that the damage was caused by poorly manufactured appliances or defective plumbing. Of course, there are other occurrences that may be covered by your Homeowners Insurance. The coverage of other incidents would be dependent on what your Insurance Company covers or your premium. It may be something along the lines of a badly built window that won’t fully close and allows rain water to come through and damage the home.

Remember that if there is a potential for flooding from exterior natural waters, you’ll need to get flood insurance as Homeowners’ Insurance does not cover this type of water damage. If you live in a flood zone, it is highly recommended that you purchase a separate Flood Insurance Policy to cover natural water home damage.

In reviewing a Homeowners’ Insurance Policy, get the details about what the water damage coverage includes. Find out if the policy will cover all repairs caused by the water damage, including replacement or repair costs of personal belongings, electronics, appliances, and of course the damaged areas of the house.

When your home is hit with a natural disaster, you’ll want the best coverage from a reputable insurance company. Freeway Insurance has insured customers like you for over 30 years. Get your free homeowners insurance quote online or over the phone at (800) 777-5620.

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