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How to Get Your License Back with SR-22 Insurance

woman shows her license in car with sr 22 insurance

How Do I File SR-22 Insurance to Get My Drivers License Back? 

First, you will need to find an insurance agency that will provide you with car insurance and file an SR-22 insurance on your behalf with the state government. An SR-22 certificate lets the state know that you have at least the required amount of liability car insurance.  

People who have been convicted of driving without insurance, driving under the influence, failing to pay car insurance, reckless driving, or other major infractions may find their drivers license has been suspended. In many cases, filing an SR-22 insurance certificate with the state is the only thing standing in your way of getting your drivers license reinstated. In other cases, there may be additional requirements, such as attending a driver’s course or alcohol awareness classes before you can get your license back. There will also most likely be some hefty court costs, fees and fines that you’ll need to take care of before getting back behind the wheel. 

You can get the ball rolling, however, by starting the process of finding SR-22 insurance. Not all insurance companies offer SR-22 insurance, but there are plenty who do, so don’t get discouraged. Also, it’s recommended that you do some car insurance comparison shopping to make sure you are getting the best price. 

How Much Does SR-22 Insurance Cost? 

Car insurance with an SR-22 certificate attached to it is typically double or triple the cost of regular car insurance. This is because whatever caused the state to require you to carry an SR-22 certificate puts you in the category of a high-risk driver, as far as the car insurance company is concerned. The actual filing fee for the SR-22 certificate is between $15 to $25. The expensive part is the liability insurance that goes along with being dubbed high risk. 

Again, it is recommended that you do some comparison car insurance shopping to make sure you are getting the most affordable price for your insurance. 

How Long Do I Need SR-22 Insurance? 

States have different requirements, but usually, you’ll need an SR-22 for around three years. However, if you have a serious infraction, you might have to carry SR-22 insurance for ten years.  

If your insurance lapses or gets suspended, the insurance company must notify the Department of Motor Vehicles. Then, your license will be suspended yet again and the whole procedure starts over at square one.  

cop taking drivers license away sr 22 insurance

How Do I Know When My SR-22 is Up? 

It’s up to you to be proactive and understand when your SR-22 requirement has been fulfilled. Your car insurance company is not going to keep track of that for you. Once you’ve fulfilled your SR-22 requirement, you’ll most likely be able to return to paying a normal amount for your car insurance.  

How to Get an SR-22 Removed 

After you meet the terms of the SR-22 insurance, you can have it removed. This is quite simple: Call the insurance company and let the agent know that you don’t need the SR-22 coverage. Then, it will be dropped.  

Get Help with SR-22 Insurance Online Today 

If you need SR-22 insurance, you might feel a little confused. Fortunately, you can contact an insurance agent for help. Speak to an agent to find out what coverage you need and how to obtain the SR-22 bond. Then, the insurance company will file it with the DMV, and you’ll be one step closer to driving.  

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