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Someone Keyed My Car. Will Insurance Cover the Cost to Fix It?

A person keying another person's car, which might be covered by car insurance.

Auto damage of any kind can be aggravating, but imagine the frustration of walking up to a parking lot to find a scratch on your car door and realizing it was intentionally vandalized? Whether the act was personal or random, having your car “keyed” is not only upsetting, it can also be costly. While your auto insurance may cover the damage it is important to do your research to know the most cost effective way to handle this unfortunate situation.

Someone Keyed My Car. Now What Do I Do?

Since your car was vandalized it is important to inspect the scene and see if there were any witnesses or security cameras in the area. It is a good idea to document the incident with a police report in the event the culprit can be identified. The next step is to bring your vehicle to a repair shop for an estimate on the damage.

Removal of a Scratch on Car Door or Body

The ways to get scratches out of car doors, trunks, hoods and other parts of your vehicle varies greatly based on the depth of the scratch. Your options may include:

  • Polish or buff out the scratch. If your car has a small scratch that just affected the top layer of your vehicle – the protective clear coat, then you may be able to buff it out or have a professional do it to a nearly unnoticeable level.
  • Reapply clear coat. If the scratch has damaged the clear coat and reached the paint then it may be necessary to have a professional reapply the clear coat.
  • Touch-up paint or repaint. If the scratch has gone deeper than the clear coat and paint and has reached the primer and/or metal then deep scratch repair will be necessary. This would require the use of touch-up paint or the need to repaint the vehicle.

Car Scratch Repair Costs

The cost to get scratches out of a car depends on a number of factors. If the scratch has simply affected the clear coat it could cost as little as $150 to repair; however it could cost more than $1,500 if there is more extensive damage and car paint repair is necessary.

Another factor that can impact car scratch repair costs is the length of the scratch and whether damage was caused to multiple panels on your vehicle.

Insurance Coverage to Fix Keyed Car

If you have comprehensive coverage on your vehicle, then the cost to fix a keyed car will be covered under your policy. Comprehensive insurance helps pay for damages to a vehicle that did not result from an accident, but other incidents such as vandalism, theft and fire, among others.

When to File a Claim to Fix Scratches on Car

If you elected to have comprehensive coverage on your vehicle you will have a deductible associated with that coverage. Deductibles range from $0 to $1,000 or more. In order to have your insurance company cover the cost of your car scratch repair, you will need to pay this designated amount.

Your insurance policy premium is less likely to increase from a comprehensive claim compared to a collision claim because you are not at-fault for a comprehensive claim. However if you have multiple claims on your car insurance policy it may increase your rates.

With that said, it is important to examine the scratch on your car door or have a professional look at it to determine if your claim amount will be significantly higher than your deductible before you make your claim.

Is it Worth it to Fix the Damage if Someone Scratched My Car?

If your car was keyed then the damages are cosmetic and repair may not be necessary. Consider these questions before fixing your keyed car:

  • How old is my car?
  • Am I planning to resell it in the future?
  • How costly is the damage to repair?
  • Is the car scratched to the metal? (This is important because if it is left untreated the car can begin to rust.)
  • How much does this damage bother me?

If you are considering having your vehicle fixed, speak to your insurance representative to determine the most affordable way for you to do it.

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