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How to Find the Perfect Household Vehicle with a Focus on Safe Driving

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Just go to your local dealership and make an offer on the perfect household vehicle. How hard can it be? 

Okay, it’s not quite that simple. First, you have to figure out the various factors that constitute “perfect” in your mind. Cost is certainly key. So is size as it conforms to your family’s needs. Fuel economy and environmental concerns might rank high—even such riveting considerations as color and styling. You might also consider how much car insurance will cost for any particular vehicle, 

With several hundred makes and models available to the American family on an annual basis, at all cost points, finding that number-one choice can seem pretty intimidating. 

We’re going to bet that safety is at or near the top of your mental list. Whether your family is only you or consists of a spouse, kids, or maybe even extended family members, you have good reason to want to purchase the safest ride possible. 

Why Safety is Important for Car Insurance?  

It’s not only that safe driving in a car known for its protective design features can keep your family out of physical harm. A safe driving car is also much more affordable when it comes to car insurance. Insurance companies like cars with extended and innovative safety features. 

And those who buy safer cars are typically seen by insurance company underwriters as being safer and more responsible drivers. They can qualify for auto insurance discounts for that reason. 

Bottom line, even if the safer car costs a little more at the dealership, you might very well save so much on car insurance over the life of the vehicle that your insurance savings could rein in much of the difference in car payments. 

How Can I Determine the Cars That Help Promote Safe Driving and Cost Less to Insure? 

You can check online with the U.S. Department of Transportation at its National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.  

Use this web page to compare makes and models to see which choice (or choices) achieve the highest five-star safety ranking. 

The NHTSA’s 5-Star Vehicle Comparison Tool enables you to, in seconds, check out the safety rating of from one to three vehicles at a time. Not only the most current models but also used cars going back as far as 1990. 

The comparison tool rates vehicles on factors including protection from frontal, side, and rollover crashes, overall safety, and even a list of the latest safety technologies available standard or optional for that make and model. There’s also a safety ranking of tires on a separate page. It’s a user-friendly and highly intuitive tool that just about anyone with basic internet skills who’s old enough to drive can use. 

The NHTSA website isn’t just about safety ranking comparisons. On other pages, you’ll find information on safe driving news and procedures, the latest alerts on vehicle recalls, and other information to make safe driving easier. 

But the ranking tool is what will excite you most when you go car shopping for yourself, your spouse, or any young drivers in your family. When you find one — or several — safe vehicles that meet your other expectations for roominess, styling, fuel economy, sticker price, or whatever other factors play a part in your purchase decision, take your tentative choices to your car insurance agent before you sign any agreements. 

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Finding Affordable Car Insurance Online 

Your independent Freeway Insurance agent will be able to quote you the best rates for however many vehicles with safe driving reputations you bring us. That’s because we can shop for rates from several major insurance carriers for the most competitive rates on all. 

Call us at (800) 777-5620 or meet with an agent at a Freeway Insurance office near you. Or get a quick online quote for car insurance before purchasing that new or used car choice. 

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