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How To Get SR-22 Removed

woman shows her license in car with sr 22 insurance

If you’re required to file an SR-22 form, it means you have been convicted of a serious driving offense such as a DUI or reckless driving, and are considered a high-risk driver by your state’s Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). The SR-22 serves as proof of your auto insurance coverage and is usually required for a specific period, typically three years. While having an SR-22 can be costly and inconvenient, it’s important to comply with the requirement to avoid further legal consequences. Fortunately, once you’ve fulfilled the terms of your SR-22 requirement, you can take steps to get it removed and restore your driving record. In this article, we’ll explore the steps you can take to get your SR-22 removed and get back on the road to a better driving record.

What Is an SR-22?

An SR-22 is a form filed by your car insurance company on your behalf with your state’s Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) or similar agency. It’s a document that certifies that you have a minimum level of liability insurance coverage required by the state in which you reside. Generally, if you’ve had a serious driving violation or conviction, such as a DUI or reckless driving, you may be required to obtain an SR-22. It’s essentially a way for the state to ensure that you have adequate car insurance coverage and to monitor your driving behavior. While an SR-22 can be an inconvenience, it’s important to comply with the requirements to maintain your driving privileges and avoid further legal consequences.

If you are required to file an SR-22, it’s important to note that it is not an insurance policy itself, but rather a document that certifies that you have the required insurance coverage. The type of coverage required will vary depending on the state, but typically includes liability coverage for bodily injury and property damage. In addition to filing the SR-22 form, you will likely need to pay a fee to your insurance company to cover the administrative costs of filing the form. It’s also important to note that an SR-22 is usually required for a certain period of time, typically 3-5 years, depending on the state and the nature of the violation. If you fail to maintain the required insurance coverage during this period, your driving privileges may be suspended or revoked, and you may face additional legal consequences

Understand the Purpose of SR-22 Insurance

First, you will need to find an insurance agency that will provide you with car insurance and file an SR-22 insurance on your behalf with the state government. An SR-22 certificate lets the state know that you have at least the required amount of liability car insurance.  

People who have been convicted of driving without insurance, driving under the influence, failing to pay car insurance, reckless driving, or other major infractions may find their drivers license has been suspended. In many cases, filing an SR-22 insurance certificate with the state is the only thing standing in your way of getting your driver’s license reinstated. In other cases, there may be additional requirements, such as attending a driver’s course or alcohol awareness classes before you can get your license back. There will also most likely be some hefty court costs, fees and fines that you’ll need to take care of before getting back behind the wheel. 

You can get the ball rolling, however, by starting the process of finding SR-22 insurance. Not all insurance companies offer SR-22 insurance, but there are plenty who do, so don’t get discouraged. Also, it’s recommended that you do some car insurance comparison shopping to make sure you are getting the best price. 

How Much Does SR-22 Insurance Cost? 

Car insurance with an SR-22 certificate attached to it is typically double or triple the cost of regular car insurance. This is because whatever caused the state to require you to carry an SR-22 certificate puts you in the category of a high-risk driver, as far as the car insurance company is concerned. The actual filing fee for the SR-22 certificate is between $15 to $25. The expensive part is the liability insurance that goes along with being dubbed high risk

Again, it is recommended that you do some comparison car insurance shopping to make sure you are getting the most affordable price for your insurance

How Long Do I Need SR-22 Insurance? 

States have different requirements, but usually, you’ll need an SR-22 for around three years. However, if you have a serious infraction, you might have to carry SR-22 insurance for ten years.  

If your insurance lapses or gets suspended, the insurance company must notify the Department of Motor Vehicles. Then, your license will be suspended yet again and the whole procedure starts over at square one.  

How Do I Know When My SR-22 is Up? 

If you have obtained an SR-22, it is important to keep track of when it expires. The easiest way to determine when your SR-22 is up is to check your insurance policy documents or contact your insurance provider. Freeway Insurance, one of the leading providers of SR-22 insurance, offers a simple and convenient way for customers to keep track of their policy expiration dates. Customers can access their policy information through the Freeway Insurance website or mobile app, where they can view their policy details and expiration date.

If you are a Freeway Insurance customer, you will receive a reminder via email or text message when your insurance is about to expire. This notification will give you ample time to renew your policy and avoid any potential lapses in coverage. Renewing your SR-22 with Freeway Insurance is a straightforward process, and their team of insurance professionals is available to assist you every step of the way. With Freeway Insurance, you can have peace of mind knowing that your SR-22 is up to date and that you are fully covered while driving on the road.

Looking for a SR-22 Insurance? Freeway Is Your Option! 

If you require SR-22 insurance, it is understandable that you may be uncertain about the process. Fortunately, you can obtain assistance from an insurance agent. Speaking with an agent will enable you to determine the necessary coverage and the steps to obtain an SR-22 bond. Afterward, the insurance provider will file the bond with the DMV, allowing you to take a step forward in driving legally.

At Freeway Insurance, our agents can assist in locating cost-effective auto insurance options that best align with your budget and requirements. You may quickly obtain a complimentary car insurance estimate online or contact us by phone at 800-777-5620 or visit one of our convenient locations.

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