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4 Tips for Teens Who Will be Driving in Winter Weather

A teenage man driving a car in the snow illustrating 4 tips for teens who will be driving in winter weather.

Winter driving is difficult, even for the most seasoned drivers—so imagine how dangerous it is for teens. Teenaged drivers might just be getting a feel for the road and putting into practice everything they learned. As parents, it is up to you help your teens practice safe driving habits in the winter, and to make sure they have the right auto insurance for their needs. If you can instill good values and research car insurance rates with your teens, they will be ready for the road in any season. Here are four tips for teens that might be on the road this winter.

Know Your Limits

Sometimes teens think that they are invincible, so it is important that you keep their limits in mind so that they don’t overdo it when it comes to driving in the winter. If teens must go out in bad weather, volunteer to drive so you can keep them safe. If they are going out at night and you are worried there might be drinking involved, be sure they know to call you for a ride. If your teens tend to be the life of the party, ask them to keep friends in the car to a minimum to avoid distractions, especially in rainy or snowy weather.

Keep Up-to-Date on Insurance and Maintenance

If your teen’s car is an older model or a hand-me-down, this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be vigilant with maintenance and insurance needs. Remind your child to take the car in for routine servicing, or schedule it yourself; things like brakes and tires should be checked before winter hits. And insurance is something that no one should go without—especially teens. Discussing the importance of insurance with your teen is a good start. If you can incorporate your children’s auto insurance into your overall bundled insurance rates, you will feel even more at ease about their safety on the road.

Pay Attention to the Weather

While winter driving will always have safety issues (like cold weather and dark evenings), some storms aren’t worth driving in. Keep an eye on the weather and warn your teens about upcoming storms. If you can keep them off the road during peak times for storms or snow, they can avoid a bad situation. If your children must go out in storms, let them know they should stay over at a friend’s home if it gets too late, or volunteer to drive them. Sometimes bad weather just isn’t worth the risk.

Practicing Defensive Driving

While your teens may have gone through a driving course and might feel prepared for everything driving will bring, they are still new to the road. If you can instill good driving habits in your teens when winter hits, this can be a good refresher when it comes to taking it easy as a driver. Remind them to slow down in bad weather. This can help them avoid slamming on the breaks and tailgating, both of which can lead to accidents in stormy weather. Your teens should always use headlights in snow, rain, and fog. Good tips start with parents, as the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) points out.

As a rule, review safety tips for all seasons with your children. It is up to you as a parent to instill good driving methods in your children and let them know the importance of up-to-date auto insurance as well. You can help your teens source car insurance quotes online that will keep them safe and will be affordable for your family. Car insurance rates for teens can be bundled with your family’s other insurance needs to keep costs down. Keeping teen drivers safe should be a priority in any season, but winter weather can pose its own unique dangers that you can prepare your teens for.

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