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The 4 Most Common Reasons You’ll Get Pulled Over for a Ticket

Let’s be honest – we’ve all seen someone change lanes without signaling, text while driving – or we’ve been guilty of it ourselves. As it turns out, there are actually 4 common ways you could get pulled over by a cop, get a ticket, and watch your auto insurance rates skyrocket like 4th of July fireworks.

According to, who polled 3 separate police agencies to get a better idea of the most obvious driving no-no’s, you can reduce your chances of having an encounter with flashing lights in your rearview mirror by heeding the advice straight from the horse’s mouth.

So, in the interest of our fellow motorists, with whom we share the road, below are the 4 common ways to get pulled over:


You knew this one would probably top the list. If you’re intent on driving 55 mph in a marked 35 mph zone get ready to be pulled over. In the Edmunds survey, every cop taking part listed speeding drivers as their main priority. The key reason cited was the fact that issuing speeding tickets has a huge impact on safety when concentrated in a specific area. For every 100 extra speeding tickets given in a month, an average of 14.3 fewer crashes and 5.6 fewer injuries were reported.

If you have a need for speed, be ready to pay out for the ticket and the higher auto insurance premium. You may have been lucky so far and avoided the inevitable, but it’s just a matter of time. The odds are against you, considering a whopping 34 million speeding tickets are handed out each year in the U.S.

Distracted Driving

This could involve any number of things, including talking on the phone, texting, eating or whatever takes your attention away from the road in the judgment of the police officer. Cops say the main reason is safety, not just yours but also the safety of other motorists you could be putting at risk. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, a staggering 40 percent of U.S. teens admit to having been in a car while the driver used a cell phone in an endangering way. If a cop spots you – you will more than likely get pulled over.

Equipment Violations

Windows tinted too dark, expired tags, broken tail or headlights will almost always draw a cop’s attention. Equipment offenses are easy bait for tickets because they’re so simple to spot and a police officer doesn’t have to make any judgments about the violation. You can’t argue it in court. Per the cops surveyed, the most noticeable code violation was illegal window tints, followed closely by burned-out lights, broken windshields, and expired license plate tags.

Tailgating and Improper Lane Changes

In the cop’s opinion, you’ve just increased your chances of having an accident with another car. These are two violations that ranked equally as important on the Edmunds survey. Both are considered reckless maneuvers that cops said they monitor closely, especially if you’re viewed engaging in a dangerous lane change, cutting someone off or moving without looking. Other factors, including using the left lane for cruising instead of passing, driving too slowly, and squealing your tires in an “exhibition of speed” are also high on the list.

It’s Just a Matter of Common Sense

None of these driving infractions should come as a surprise to most drivers in any survey. The point is – you can control each and every one of these with a little effort. It’s just a matter of common sense – should you want to avoid getting pulled over and keeping your auto insurance rates low.

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