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Cheap Vehicles To Insure

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Car insurance can be expensive for many people. There is no shortage of companies encouraging you to switch and save. But once they find tickets, accidents, or DUIs on your driving record, those savings almost always disappear. Finding a cheap vehicle to insure, along with a car insurance company that believes in second chances, will get you the insurance you deserve. 

What Factors Into Finding Cars With The Cheapest Insurance

There are many factors that insurance companies consider when deciding which cars will have the lowest insurance rates. While it varies from company to company, here are some points that stay consistent:

Cost of Repair – Luxury cars cost more to repair, so they cost more to insure. It may go without saying, but if you’re looking for cars with cheap insurance, you’re probably not going to spend money on a luxury car. Likewise, electric vehicles and hybrids aren’t low insurance cars either. It costs thousands of dollars to replace their batteries and make repairs.

Vehicle Safety – The safer the car, the less likely a car insurance company will have to pay. If you’re dreaming about getting a sports car with cheap insurance, you can forget it. Sports cars are often driven by young, inexperienced, or reckless drivers, making them more of a risk. Vehicles with high safety ratings are often cheap vehicles to insure, but that’s not always the case. Car insurance companies also consider how often that model gets into an accident.

Likelihood of Theft – Cars like Honda Civics and Toyota Corollas aren’t luxury vehicles, and they have high safety ratings, but they’re still not the cars with the lowest insurance rates. The reason: they’re among the highest cars to be stolen in America. 

Additional Features – Your vehicle may not be a luxury car, but the number of extras will affect your car insurance premium for a similar reason. The higher the cost to replace it, the more the insurance company will have to pay. If you’re getting the “sport-edition” of your vehicle, you may be put into the high-risk category.  

The price your car insurance company sets is based on risk, and it includes your driving history. But keeping these factors in mind should get you the best rate possible.

Cars With Low Insurance Rates By Type

The car you want may not always be the car with cheap insurance. You’ll have to weigh your needs against your wants. If you’re flexible, here are some styles of low insurance cars:

Minivans – Not the most exciting car for some, but minivan drivers are often families. Insurance companies count on them to be cautious drivers, so they’re usually the cars with the lowest insurance rates.

Crossovers – Not a full-sized SUV, but not quite a sedan either. These cars are often reasonably priced with good safety ratings. 

SUV – An SUV may be more expensive, but they’re often very safe, so they don’t pose a high risk to insurance companies. Also, their value goes down as they get older, so an SUV could end up a car with a low insurance rate.

Pickup – Pickup trucks tend to be cars with the cheapest insurance because they’re reliable and inexpensive to fix. There is a growing trend of luxury-style pickups, so be sure to get one of the base models.

Sedans – Sedans are reliable family cars, similar to minivans. Base model sedans are low insurance cars, so stay away from luxury versions. 

Cars With Low Insurance Rates By Make

If you’re brand loyal, you may be shopping for a particular make of car. Maybe you had a Toyota that ran forever, or your family only had Fords. No matter what your reason, here are the cars with the lowest insurance by make, in no particular order:

– Honda


– Chrysler

– Chevrolet

– Kia

– Toyota

– Ram

– Dodge

– Ford

– Volkswagen

You’ll notice that many of these cars are American brands. There aren’t any luxury manufacturers on here either. You probably won’t find your dream Mercedes, BMW, or another luxury car with low insurance rates no matter where you shop for insurance, as they are not cheap vehicles to insure.

Find Affordable Coverage With Freeway Insurance

Freeway Insurance has been in business for nearly 30 years. Many of our clients have had no prior insurance, minimal driving experience, or a checkered driving past. Whatever your reason, you deserve a great rate from a company that understands. Start your free quote online, over the phone or at one of our offices near you.

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