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What You Should Know About Anti-Lock Brakes

abs sign on car dashboard abs car meaning

Your brakes are possibly your vehicle’s most important feature. An effective brake system allows you to avoid accidents on the road. There will be times when you have to slam on the brakes to avoid danger. This was a problem with the old drum brakes in the past. Now, though, vehicles are outfitted with anti-lock brakes.

ABS Car Meaning: What Is an Anti-Lock Brake System?

You probably want to know, “What does ABS do?” Anti-lock brakes help wheels maintain the proper grip on the road. The system prevents the wheels from locking up, which was commonplace in older braking systems.

How Do Anti-Lock Brakes Work?

Anti-lock brakes are part of the vehicle’s electronic stability control system. The system monitors stability via a sensor attached to each wheel. The system detects when wheels are close to locking up. Then, the sensor sends a message to the brakes to release for a short moment. This prevents the brakes from locking.

To put it simply, ABS ensures that each wheel offers optimal braking pressure. This keeps you much safer when you need to apply the brakes when driving.

Why Are Anti-Lock Brakes Important?

You know that anti-lock brakes keep you safe on the road, but what does that mean? First, vehicles with anti-lock brakes are 31 percent less likely to be involved in a fatal automobile accident.

The braking system also reduces the likelihood of driving off the road. ABS even reduces the risk of a frontal collision on dry or wet roads.

Safety Tips to Brake Properly in Different Conditions

Even though anti-lock brakes reduce collisions, you still need to follow safety tips when driving in certain conditions. These safety tips will further reduce the likelihood that you’ll be in an accident.

When driving on a wet ice road, you’ll need to take special care to avoid an accident. Brake gently on a damp ice road. Also, if you’re about to go around a bend, brake on the straight, this will slow your vehicle down, making it easier to control.

car braking on wet ice road

You will also encounter some wet roads from time to time. If hydroplaning is a cause for concern on them, you can avoid this by driving and braking in the tracks in front of you and avoiding puddles if possible.

You also might skid when driving on wet roads. Fight off the urge to brake when this happens. Instead, remove your foot from the accelerator. Then, move your steering wheel in the desired direction. Your vehicle will begin to travel in a straight line again if you use this strategy.

Stay Safe on the Road With ABS

Your vehicle’s ABS helps you stay safe on the road, but it can’t do it all. You also need to follow safety tips to avoid accidents. Between these tips and the anti-lock brakes, you are much less likely to suffer from injuries due to a severe car accident.

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