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Transferring Car Insurance When You Move Out of State

Transferring Car Insurance When You Move Out of State

You have decided to move to another state, and you’re excited. Boxes are everywhere, and you have a ton of things to do before the big move. One of the things to put on your to-do list is to transfer your car insurance to your new address. Read on to learn why this is important.

Do I Need to Change Car Insurance When I Move?

Yes, you do. It’s a good idea to inform your insurance provider as close to the move-in date as possible. If your current provider underwrites in your new location, you may not need a new car insurance policy.

How to Transfer Insurance to Another State

Transferring car insurance to another state is actually pretty easy, and depending on where you are moving, it could save you money. Car insurance rates differ from state to state. If your current provider cannot provide car insurance in your new state then you will have to shop around. Shopping around for car insurance, moving out of state, and managing the move can be stressful, but we are here to help make things easier.

  • Contact your current agent. He or she should be able to help you find another agent in your new area if they can still insure you.
  • If your current car insurance provider cannot insure you, they may cancel your coverage without telling you, so be sure to check your coverage after you move.
  • When moving out of state, check out the local insurance carriers and get free car insurance quotes.
  • After you move, make the switch. Once the new policy is in place, contact your old insurance company and let them know. Sometimes you may be entitled to a refund.

Car Insurance and Moving Out of State

If you are driving your car to your new location, keep your current insurance. It will still cover you during the move.

Your new zip code will determine how much your new car insurance premium will be. If you move from the city to the country, your rates will likely go down. If you move to a more urban area, your rates might go up. Factors like traffic patterns, population, crime rates are all taken into consideration when determining your premium.

Do I Really Need to Notify My Car Insurance When Moving States?

Yes. Even if your premium goes up, you need to inform your car insurance provider as soon as possible after moving states. Car insurance is regulated at the state level, and your car insurance policy will need to reflect the laws of your new state.

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