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Car Insurance for Teens

A young latino woman holding the keys to a sedan to illustrate the importance of having car insurance for teens.

If you have been looking for car insurance for teens, you’ve likely noticed the premiums are higher than they are for adults. Auto insurance companies determine premiums based on risk. Teenagers are considered riskier than older adults, so insurance premiums are higher.

Insurance companies view teens as a risk for various reasons. First, young drivers don’t have a proven record or much experience. Teenagers are also more likely to text when driving and engage in other distracting behaviors. They are prone to reckless behavior and more likely to get into an accident.

Rates tend to go down when drivers reach the age of 25. Until then, though, you have to find a way to insure your teenager. You can add your son or daughter to an existing policy or get a separate policy. Let’s go over both options and see which can provide you cheap insurance for teens.

Adding a Teen to an Existing Policy

If you want to add your teen to your existing car insurance policy, call the insurance company or access your policy online. Go through the process to add car insurance for new drivers. Then your teen will be insured.

There are benefits to adding your son or daughter to your existing car insurance policy. First, you can share vehicles with your teenager. Your teenager will be covered if he or she drives your car, and you’ll be covered if you drive your teenager’s vehicle.

Also, if your teenager has a vehicle, you can get a multi-car discount. The multi-car discount should lower the premiums significantly, even when getting auto insurance for teens.

Your teenager also might be eligible for a Good Student discount if added to your policy. Many providers only offer this discount when a teenager is added to a parent’s policy. This discount can also reduce the premiums for high-risk auto insurance.

Your child can also benefit from the perks you’ve earned on your auto insurance. These perks, such as the Good Driver discount, can lower the cost of the teen’s insurance policy.

There are also some drawbacks to consider. First, of course, your auto insurance premium will increase. This is true, even if you get various discounts.

Second, your teenager could cause you to lose some of the perks you currently have with your auto insurance. For instance, if you have a Good Driver discount, you could lose it if your child gets in an accident.

Getting a Separate Policy for a Teen Driver

You also have the option of getting a separate policy for your son or daughter. If you do this, your child won’t be able to benefit from your plan’s perks. Also, you won’t be eligible for a multi-car discount, and it’s unlikely your son or daughter will get a Good Student discount.

It can also be difficult for teens to find separate insurance policies. Many insurance companies avoid selling these policies because of the risk. However, some policies do offer standalone policies for teens.

Even with the drawbacks, sometimes, it makes financial sense to get a separate policy for a teenager. If you have multiple moving violations on your record, your premiums have already increased. Adding a teenager to your policy could cause your rates to increase to the point of making it impossible to pay. If adding your teenager to your policy will be a financial burden, consider getting a separate policy.

Save Money on Car Insurance for Teens

You can save money when insuring your teen. Enroll your teen in a defensive driving class and install anti-theft devices in your son or daughter’s vehicle. You also might save money by bundling insurance. Bundle your home, auto, and life insurance to reduce the cost of your child’s insurance.

Car insurance for teens can be expensive, but it’s money well spent. Choose the right insurance option for your family and then get your teen a policy. Freeway Insurance can help you obtain car insurance for teens at an affordable rate. We compare quotes from top insurance companies to ensure you get the best coverage at the lowest available rate. Request a teen car insurance quote online or over the phone today by calling (800) 777-5620.

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