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How to Find Cheap Car Insurance Quotes

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When it comes to getting car insurance quotes, sometimes it all comes down to the type of car insurance you get. Other times, it comes down to a few easy actions you can take before reaching out for quotes. Keep reading to discover the best ways to start getting cheaper car insurance today!

Talk to a Person

There are always multiple ways to get car insurance quotes, including calling carriers or physically walking into their offices. But the option that most drivers prefer is to get car insurance quotes online.

Getting quotes online is fast and convenient. However, to get the most accurate quotes and to save money on your car insurance, we recommend you talk to a person. You will be able to ask them about special discounts (more on this in a moment) and provide additional information about yourself that will help them make a lower offer than you might get online.

Ask the Carrier About Discounts

One of the best ways to save money on car insurance is through special carrier discounts. You can ask your existing carrier about these discounts, and you should always ask prospective carriers about discounts when you are getting quotes.

You may already qualify for certain discounts and not even know it. And once you tell the carrier about these, you can enjoy the corresponding drop in your monthly premium.

Consider Higher Deductibles

Many different factors affect the cost of your car insurance. But one of the most significant is the amount of your deductible.

Most drivers want lower deductibles so they won’t have to pay as much out-of-pocket if they get into an accident, but lower deductibles lead to higher monthly premiums.

If your primary goal is to pay a lower car insurance premium, consider getting a higher deductible than you would normally get. This is especially good advice if you have a safe driving history that is free of car accidents.

Consider Lower Limits

Just as you may want to consider getting a higher deductible, it may be worth considering getting lower limits on your insurance coverage.

The limits define exactly how much the insurance carrier will pay out if there is a car accident. Higher limits offer better protection from car accidents, but they also increase your monthly premium. If you are willing to get lower limits than you usually do, you can probably get a cheap car insurance quote.

However, make sure you don’t go too low. We always recommend drivers avoid getting only the minimum amount of insurance required because those limits may be too low, especially for more severe accidents.

Determine the Types of Insurance You Really Need

We’ve covered how adjusting your deductible and coverage limits can get you lower insurance quotes. Another important factor is just how many types of coverage you need.

For example, most states require only liability car insurance. However, plenty of drivers like to get more robust protection by adding collision and comprehensive insurance to their policy.

Collision and comprehensive coverage both help to protect your car. But if you drive an older car, it may be worth skipping these kinds of insurance. And if you are willing to do so, you can certainly get cheaper car insurance quotes.

Ask About Insurance Bundles

Speaking to an insurance agent is recommended because you can ask the representative about car insurance quotes that bundle different coverages together.

For example, if you or your family need to insure another car, you may get a multi-car discount. And you may be able to bundle car insurance with other products (such as homeowners insurance or renters insurance) and save even more on your car insurance quote.

Improve Your Credit

With a few exceptions (specifically, California, Hawaii, Massachusetts, Michigan, and Washington), states can use your credit score when offering car insurance quotes and setting your monthly premium. That means you can potentially get better quotes and a lower premium simply by working on improving your credit.

While you can’t improve your credit overnight, you can sign up for a free credit monitoring service. Many of these services will show you what is lowering your credit score and offer suggestions for how to raise it. And you can thoroughly check the report to discover if there is any inaccurate info on there. By contacting the appropriate credit bureau and having the incorrect information removed, you can easily boost your credit and ultimately get much cheaper car insurance quotes.

Take A Driving Course

Another way to get cheap car insurance quotes is to take proactive measures before asking for a quote in the first place. One such measure is to take a defensive driving course. Drivers who complete such a course can usually get good discounts from their insurance carrier.

As an added bonus, completing a defensive driving course also helps to remove points from your license. Fewer marks on your driving record can also help you get more competitive car insurance quotes.

Keep in mind that you can always ask prospective carriers if they offer such discounts before you take the course.

Always Shop Around for Car Insurance

All of these tips will help you get better and cheaper car insurance quotes. However, the best thing you can do is start by going to the right insurance company. Here at Freeway Insurance, we take pride in offering drivers just like you the protection you deserve. Get started with a competitive quote online. Or, if you’d like to work through an agent, you can come and visit us at a local office near you or give us a call at (800) 777-5620 for a quote.

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