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How to Compare Car Insurance Policies

A middle-age man comparing insurance policies and researching on laptop that illustrates how to compare car insurance policies.

Everyone wants to get the best car insurance plan for their money. No matter if you are looking for a basic car insurance policy or a wider range of coverage, we all want cheap car insurance that fits our needs. The best way to do that is to properly compare car insurance quotes.

However, many people overlook some important details when they make a car insurance comparison. This causes them to pay more than they need to for their car insurance premiums. You can avoid paying more than you should by following these simple guidelines.

Compare the Exact Same Coverage, Deductibles, Limits, Everything

You won’t get an accurate quote or estimate if you are comparing different limits, deductibles, and coverages for car insurance. Compare everything at similar amounts and offers. If the type of coverage you need is important, compare the prices the various car insurance companies offer for that coverage. If you require a simpler plan or a lower premium, compare all the car insurance quotes to see which one offers the most protection for your dollar. Unless you look at everything on a level playing field, you won’t find the best price for the coverage that fits your needs.

Also, when you compare car insurance quotes, be sure you get quotes from five to seven different car insurance companies in order to make an accurate comparison. The more quotes you get, the more potential options you’ll have. This will help you filter out insurance offers that tack on coverage you don’t need.

Investigate Discounts

In order to increase your savings, check to see if insurers will offer discounts on top of the car insurance quotes they offer. You can possibly get a discounted rate for taking defensive driving classes, anti-theft devices, or having additional safety features installed in your vehicle. These discounts can be helpful if you are having trouble choosing among multiple car insurance companies that are offering you similar rates.

Explore Optional Coverage

Optional coverage may not be necessary, but could be a deciding factor in determining which insurer you should side with. While you may not need additional protection, it may be worth siding with an insurance company that offers towing and labor coverage, rental coverage, or other forms of optional insurance in addition to your insurance plan, if it is at a similar price as a competitor that doesn’t providing such coverage in their standard plan. While you may not need it, you would at least get the most out of your money.

Bundle Car Insurance Policies

Another way many insurance companies offer discounted rates is through “bundling.” If you need other insurance coverage, such as homeowners insurance or health insurance, you can get an overall discount for your car insurance and those other policies if you purchase them all from the same insurance provider. Ask each prospective insurer if they offer discounts for purchasing other insurance products from them. You might able to cut a good deal on not only car insurance, but other policies as well by comparing the overall benefit/discount ratios of any offers they provide.

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