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Tire Hazard Protection Plan

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Even the most careful driver can encounter a damaged wheel, flat tire, or punctured tire when driving on the road. Any nail, potholes, or glass that punctures or bruises your vehicle’s tires can easily damage the wheels, leading to expensive out-of-pocket costs. Thankfully, Freeway’s Tire Hazard Protection Plan will help ensure that your tire is repaired quickly while saving you high repair or replacement costs.

Freeway Has You Covered

Having a flat or punctured tire while traveling can be an overwhelming experience. It is important to get the tire issue fixed immediately to enable you to get back on the road. Fortunately, Freeway has you covered with a Tire Hazard Protection Plan that’s part of Travel Club membership. With this, you can have the peace of mind that you don’t have to pay for all the cost of fixing an emergency tire issue.

What are Road Hazards?

Road hazards can be defined as debris on the road surface, like nails, rock, wood, glass, tree limb, tree branch, and so forth that may be encountered while driving. Road hazards also constitute road surface conditions, including potholes, cracks, breaks, gravel, rough roads, bumpy edges, and more. Any of these can puncture or cause a flat tire.

How Does a Tire Hazard Protection Plan Work?

Freeway’s Tire Hazard Protection Plan aims to provide valuable protection for drivers and car owners in the event of a flat tire, damaged wheel, or punctured tire caused by a road hazard. If your tires get punctured or incur damage from a road hazard, the protection plan will cover up to $65.00 for each tire per occurrence. However, you will only receive the benefits provided your tire is repairable. Before any repair work is performed on your tire, ensure that you call our customer care team.

How Much Does the Plan Cover?

The Tire Hazard Protection Plan covers up to $65.00, in repairs, for each tire per occurrence.

When Does the Tire Hazard Protection Plan Begin?

The Tire Hazard Protection Plan is a part of your Travel Club membership. Your Club membership starts on the date you are enrolled. You will receive protection against tire road hazards throughout the term of your membership. Unless specified, you won’t be required to pay any sum in addition to your membership fee.

What are the Benefits of a Tire Hazard Protection Plan?

With Freeway’s Tire Hazard Protection Plan, you get the following benefits:

  • Repairs for tires damaged by road hazards and road surface conditions
  • Reimbursement of out-of-pocket tire repairs
  • Savings on expensive out-of-pocket tire repair costs
  • Help to safeguard your tire against unforeseen road hazards

How Do I Handle Tire Hazard Claims?

Pre-authorization is necessary for all Tire Hazard claims. Covered policyholders are required to call our team for authorization. Once authorization is confirmed, you can have the covered tire repairs done by a commercial establishment. Members are required to submit the following documents for reimbursement of tire hazard claims:

  • A copy of your original membership contract
  • The original receipt for tire hazard reimbursement
  • Confirmation of tread depth in writing authorized by a commercial service facility

What Is Not Covered?

A Tire Hazard Protection Plan is available in all states except AR, NY and WA. The plan doesn’t cover the following:

  • Tire replacements
  • Tires with less than 3/32nds tread depth remaining
  • Damage caused by negligence, abuse, misuse collision, manufacturer’s defect, curb impact, vandalism, or racing
  • Tire damages while operating on any road surface other than federal, state, country, city, or municipality paved roads or highways
  • Vehicles with off-road tires and wheels
  • Vehicles used for rentals, racing, dealer loaners, taxi, limousine, police cars, or other emergencies
  • Vehicles registered or operated outside the United States and Canada
  • Tires and wheels that do not meet the manufacturer’s recommendations specific to your vehicle

Safeguard Your Tires Today!

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Safeguard your tires today with Freeway’s Tire Hazard Protection Plan. Visit an office near you to get a plan or request a quote.