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Renters insurance is important for anyone renting a home. Renters insurance covers damages to your possessions when you rent. It also covers bodily injury, property damage, and any medical expenses that arise from an accident to a guest or non-renter. Buy your policy online and get covered in just a few minutes. As easy as that!

Accidents happen, the risk is far too great not to be protected. We offer a cheap, affordable policy backed by an A-rated carrier. That covers all your renters insurance needs with a Freeway policy you can get from the comfort of your own home.

What is Renters Insurance?

While your landlord’s insurance policy covers the building, it won’t cover what’s inside your rental unit. Most people would not be able to afford the expense of replacing their personal belongings in the event of theft, fire, or water damage, and that’s where renters insurance comes in. If you are renting an apartment, condo, or house you should protect yourself and your belongings with renters insurance.

Rental insurance protects you during unfortunate events such as fire, theft, water damage and other unforeseen circumstances—situations your apartment owner’s policy doesn’t cover. Renters insurance covers your personal property and liability for medical expenses. Choose the coverage levels that are most appropriate for your situation.

Imagine going to dinner or a family get-together and when you return home, you’re greeted by the flashing lights of police cars and fire trucks. Building fires, floods, and other damage can happen anytime, anywhere.

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It’s always a good idea to get renters insurance to cover your stuff. Most apartment complexes, property management companies, and/or landlords require it. Buy your policy online and protect yourself instantly.

What Does Renters Insurance Cover?

Standard coverages

These are the coverages offered in most states. Coverages, limits, and options may vary by state. Note: Generally, insurance does not cover maintenance or normal wear and tear.

Your belongings, such as:

  • Clothing
  • Electronics (TVs, DVD players, etc.)
  • Furniture
  • Toys/other games
  • Tools/power equipment
  • Appliances you brought into your place (refrigerator, washer/dryer, etc.)

Some belongings have sub-limits or per-item limits. This is detailed in your policy documents. If you have expensive items, please contact your insurance agent to get additional coverage, if needed.

Other terms to note within your policy:

  • Replacement Cost: This option provides coverage on a replacement cost basis without deduction for depreciation instead of actual cash value.
  • Personal Liability: If someone is injured on your property due to your fault or an insured causes damage to the property of others, this coverage will compensate them for damages.
  • Medical Payments: Pays medical bills if someone else is hurt at your residence.

What Events Am I Covered For?

Renters insurance typically covers a range of events.

Some commonly covered events:

  • Theft and vandalism
  • Fire and smoke
  • Windstorm and hail
  • Water damage from plumbing, furnace/AC or water heater

Be sure to understand the amount of coverage that you have; the more severe the damage, the higher the coverage required. Note for any events due to a crime, such as theft, a police report must be registered in order to file a claim.

What is Not Covered by Renters Insurance?

Rental insurance will not automatically cover your roommate’s belongings. You can register a roommate under your policy, but make sure its coverage limits are enough for both your and their belongings. In addition, insurance for renters may cover items stolen from your car, but it won’t cover your vehicle—that’s what auto insurance is for. Standard exclusions include the following:

  • Earth Movement
  • Flood Damage
  • Power Failure
  • Neglect
  • Intentional Loss
  • War
  • Nuclear Hazard
  • Ordinance or Law or Governmental Action

In addition, these are some additional exclusions, limitations, and/or reductions in regards to coverage:

  • Removal of fallen trees is excluded unless they damage your house or outbuilding or block access to your property
  • Limitations exist on coverage amounts for jewelry, guns, silverware, cash, coins, certain types of collections, art, and computers/equipment
  • Property and Liability Coverage for automobiles, watercraft, and aircraft is limited or excluded
  • Replacement Cost property claims are settled on an Actual Cash Value basis until you repair or replace the property
  • Losses to insured property intentionally caused by an insured are excluded
  • Losses to the dwelling caused by water or sewage from outside the dwelling that backs up through sewers and drains are excluded

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Getting affordable renters insurance from Freeway has never been easier. You can buy your policy directly online and get covered in minutes. Need more help? Our team of English and Spanish-speaking insurance experts have decades of experience in the insurance industry and have helped thousands of renters find the best renters insurance policy for their needs and budget. You can also reach us over the phone or at one of our offices near you.


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If You Have Questions, We Have Answers

Does my landlord’s insurance cover losses and damage done to my apartment?

Most landlord insurance covers damages to the building and its structure, not any the tenant’s possessions within it. It mostly covers exterior damage and might not cover damage on the inner walls such as with a pipe leak. Learn More

Is my landlord responsible for any damage to my personal property?

No. The landlord is not responsible for the loss or damage of a tenant’s possessions within their rented space. Learn More

What does a renters insurance policy cover?

Renters insurance helps cover the damage or loss of personal property due to theft, fire, and other such hazards. It can also help cover you if a visitor gets injured or gets their property damaged within your home. Learn More

How does renters insurance work?

If you have a renters insurance policy and have filed a claim, the insurance company will help pay for repair or replacement of personal items stolen or damaged due to a hazard. Once you have paid the deductible, the insurance company will pay for the cost of replacement of the item(s) or the actual cash value (subject to depreciation), depending on your policy. Learn More