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Mexican Travel Insurance

Illustration of a minivan with travel insurance driving towards Mexico with luggage strapped to a roof rack.

If your travel plans include a visit south of the border, you should know that the U.S. State Department has issued multiple travel warnings regarding the dangers of visiting Mexico. Get the reassurance you need to deal with emergencies with Mexico travel insurance.

Why Do I Need Mexico Travel Insurance?

There are several types of travel insurance available: medical insurance, insurance for altered or canceled trip plans, or auto insurance. Determine what coverage you already have through existing insurance policies or credit cards that you use for purchasing your travel, then check the travel advisories for Mexico on the U.S. Department of State website to help you determine whether you need to purchase additional travel insurance.

Medical Travel Insurance

In Mexico, the national health system, Instituto Mexicano de Seguro Social, provides coverage only for citizens and foreign nationals who are paying into the insurance system. If you have health insurance in the United States, you might be covered in Mexico, but be sure that you know at what rate and under what conditions. If you are injured or become ill in Mexico, you will have to give the health-care facility proof of insurance and usually a credit card before you will be treated. Getting travel insurance that includes health coverage in Mexico can greatly reduce the uncovered costs.

Trip Assurance Travel Insurance

This insurance reimburses you when your trip is canceled or your plans are changed due to an emergency. If you will be traveling in an area of Mexico that has a high rate of pickpocketing or other theft, trip assurance travel insurance can help you replace lost or stolen goods. You also can purchase insurance that will reimburse you should your airfare drop in cost between the time you purchased it and the time you travel. If you are flying to Mexico, also consider whether you want coverage for lost baggage.

Mexico Auto Travel Insurance

When you drive to Mexico, the liability coverage of your U.S. car insurance policy is deactivated. If you get in an accident and are at fault, you might face high expenses or even time in jail if you have not purchased Mexican auto travel insurance. Look for a policy that includes legal assistance and bail coverage should you be arrested. Your U.S. car insurance policy might provide collision and comprehensive coverage of your vehicle while you are in Mexico. Except for car insurance, all travel insurance for your trip to Mexico must be bought in the United States.

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