Obamacare for Children

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Obamacare Health Coverage for Children & Kids

How Does Obamacare Help Kids?

Comparing the different types of health insurance can be a complicated process when you’re shopping for an individual plan, and shopping for an entire family can be even more overwhelming. Now that health care is legally required, parents across the country are scrambling to answer questions about how much coverage is needed, which plans to buy, and how to purchase them.

Luckily, we have the answers you’re looking for, and it comes with a bit of reassurance: signing up for health insurance can be easier than you think.

Obamacare has attempted to make it quick and simple for families to purchase coverage, benefitting both you and your children. Just take advantage of the 2020 Open Enrollment period, compare your options, and buy.

Under the Affordable Care Act, the coverage you purchase for your family now will benefit your child well into young adulthood, allowing your health insurance policy to cover your child until their 26th birthday.

What’s the Minimum Coverage for a Child?

The minimum coverage level for a child is the same as the minimum coverage for an adult. Included below are a few of the most common forms of insurance you or your child may already hold that meet the requirements outlined by the ACA.

  • An individual plan that covers children
  • An employer plan
  • Medicare Part A or Part C
  • Most Medicaid
  • The Children’s Health Insurance Program or “CHIP”
  • University coverage
  • Medi-Cal for Families

Many other forms of insurance meet the minimum requirements, so call your insurer today to see if you need to purchase additional coverage to avoid fees in 2020. Looking for more Obamacare facts? Give us a call at 877-583-1475 today!

Can Children Get a Penalty for Not Having Health Insurance?

The Affordable Care Act was created to make purchasing insurance easier than ever, but it also made having health insurance mandatory, leaving many parents wondering whether or not their children needed individual health insurance.
If your health insurance plan covers your children, you don’t need to worry about paying any fees on their behalf, but if your children are uninsured, you could face a penalty when you file for your 2019 tax return.

In 2020, the fees per uninsured child under age 18 are $347.50, so purchase coverage now to secure your peace of mind and financial security. Any children over the age of 18 will be responsible for their own coverage, but if they’re still covered by a parent’s plan, they will meet the minimum healthcare requirements.

How Do I Apply for Obamacare?

Simply visit healthcare.gov to browse, compare healthcare quotes, and purchase the plan that’s right for you. Be sure that your plan covers children – not all do, and many offer varying levels of protection for your children.

Got a question? Give us a call at 877-583-1475 today – we have knowledgeable insurance agents standing by.