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Affordable Care Act Veterans Health Coverage

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ACA for Veterans

The passing of the Affordable Care Act brought about an overwhelming number of changes to how American health care works, but fortunately, veterans can still use the system and receive benefits. The ACA was created to streamline the health care process, making it easier than ever to receive the care you need for a price you can afford. However, some new stipulations may change the way you purchase insurance.

What is the Minimum Coverage for a Veteran?

Veterans are not required to meet special requirements under the Affordable Care Act – they must simply purchase some form of health care coverage. Valid forms of insurance include, but aren’t limited to:

  • An individual plan
  • A plan purchased on the health care marketplace
  • Medicare Part A or Part B
  • Most Medi-Cal
  • University/employer coverage
  • Some forms of veteran’s health coverage

Can Veterans Get a Penalty for Not Having Health Insurance?

Yes. Veterans can receive the same penalties as everyone else, and will pay the appropriate fees when filing their taxes (unless they qualify for an exemption). Purchasing a minimum level of coverage now can help you avoid fees at the end of the fiscal year.

Does VA Health Coverage Meet the Requirements for ACA?

Select types of VA programs meet the minimum coverage requirements outlined by the ACA. If you have one of the following forms of insurance, you do meet the minimum requirements and will not be required to pay a fine.

Can a Veteran Cancel Their VA Coverage and Get an ACA Plan?

While a veteran would not be eligible for financial assistance if enrolled in VA, they would be free to purchase another plan through the marketplace. The current state of the marketplace will determine whether or not this is a good idea, so always weigh your options before deciding. Also keep in mind that this may affect your future eligibility for VA, so call or click today for more information on how the ACA fits into your future.

How Does a Veteran Apply for Affordable Care Act?

To enroll in health care through the Affordable Care Act’s online marketplace, visit during open enrollment. Act soon— this will be your last chance to purchase health care through the online marketplace until it closes unless you qualify for the special extended enrollment period. We also have health insurance experts standing by and ready to assist you, so give us a call today!