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Which Industries Need Commercial Auto Insurance?

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You’d be surprised to learn all the industries that need commercial auto insurance. Basically, anyone who uses their personal car for business purposes needs commercial vehicle insurance coverage. This includes anyone from pizza delivery persons who use their own car to deliver pizza, to landscapers who drive a landscape truck hauling equipment and supplies to job sites.

Do I Need Commercial Auto Insurance?

If you use your personal car for the following business purposes, you need commercial car insurance:

  • Trucking (local and long-haul)
  • Deliver goods (pizza or other food delivery, groceries, flowers, wholesale, retail)
  • Drive to client sites
  • Carry housekeeping equipment for a business
  • Transport people
  • Transport hazardous materials
  • Transport equipment for business use (ladders, supplies, tools, etc.)
  • Rural newspaper delivery
  • Deliver messages (messenger)
  • Tow or plow

Which Industries Need Commercial Auto Insurance?

People who work in the following industries often don’t realize they need commercial auto insurance when they’re using their car for business purposes:

Pizza delivery drivers
Many people who deliver pizza don’t realize their personal auto insurance doesn’t cover them while making deliveries. Whether you deliver pizza full time or as a part time gig, you need commercial auto insurance to ensure you’re properly protected. This applies to other types of food delivery drivers who transport food or other goods between businesses and customers.

Uber and Lyft drivers (Rideshare Drivers)
If you drive for Uber or Lyft and think you’re covered between your personal auto insurance policy and the coverage provided by the ridesharing company, that’s not the case. Uber and Lyft drivers need additional rideshare insurance that covers them anytime the app is on and they’re available for hire.

Landscapers/landscaping companies
Landscapers typically drive a landscape truck to and from each job site. They often transport equipment and landscaping supplies in their vehicle which can include lawnmowers, ladders, hoses, weed cutters, etc. If you work independently as a landscaper or own a landscaping company with a fleet of landscaping trucks, you need commercial auto insurance to protect yourself, your truck, and your equipment.

Traveling sales representatives
Traveling sales representatives use their car to travel to and from client sites. Since traveling sales reps use their car for business purposes, they need commercial car insurance protection.

Realtors use their personal cars to visit properties and sometimes transport clients. Realtors need commercial vehicle insurance to ensure they are covered when they’re using their car for business.

Contractors who haul work equipment and other supplies to and from work sites also need commercial car insurance.

Self-employed individuals
Self-employed individuals usually work from home but may use their vehicle to travel to meetings or other business engagements. This is when commercial auto insurance is needed.

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