Stated Amount for Commercial Vehicles

When the value of a vehicle is difficult to assess, insurance companies rely on stated amounts. A stated amount is the value you place on your vehicle and provide to your insurance company. Stated amounts allow vehicle owners to incorporate the condition of their vehicle to account for the value of any equipment or special upgrades that have been added.

How to Determine Stated Amount for Your Vehicle

There are a few sources you can use to determine the stated amount of your commercial vehicle that include dealerships, manufacturers, and lending or financial institutions. You can also consult Truck Blue Book or Price Digests.

When determining a stated amount, remember to account for the following:

  • Vehicle condition and mileage
  • Special equipment that has been added
  • Vehicle upgrades
  • Engine or major component rebuilds

The Importance of Accurate Stated Amounts

The actual amount you receive in the event of a loss may be less than the stated amount. When you file a claim, insurance companies will typically pay you whichever amount is less from the following:

  • Actual Cash Value (ACV) of the damaged property
  • Cost to repair or replace the damaged property
  • Limit of insurance (stated amount) in the endorsement

To ensure you get the proper coverage, it’s important to be as accurate as possible when estimating your vehicle’s stated amount.

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