How Much Does Commercial Truck Insurance Cost?

There are a number of factors that determine commercial truck insurance rates, including the type of truck your company owns and the risks involved. With this in mind, it’s important to choose an insurance company that understands the various factors that contribute to trucking insurance costs and can help you find ways to save money. Freeway Insurance works hard to keep your commercial truck insurance costs low and help you get the discounts you deserve.

Factors that Determine Commercial Truck Insurance Cost

The following factors affect commercial truck insurance costs:

Commercial truck insurance rates vary by state. Some states charge higher rates for truck insurance coverage than others.

Type of Truck
Your rates will vary depending on the type of truck(s) you insure. For example, it will cost you more to insure a semi truck than it will to insure a pickup truck. In addition, newer trucks typically cost more to insure because they cost more to repair or replace than older trucks.

Driving History
If the driver(s) that operates your truck has a driving record that includes violations and/or accidents, you can expect to pay more for truck insurance. Although the same rules apply to standard auto insurance, a poor driving record has an even higher impact on commercial vehicle insurance rates due to the fact that commercial trucks have the potential to cause more damage due to their size and weight.

Operating Radius
Truckers who travel long distances or across state lines face an increased risk due to longer drive times and more route options vs. truckers who travel locally. For this reason, expect an increase increase in rates if your trucking business operates across long distances.

Type of Cargo
The type of cargo you transport has an affect on insurance costs. Some cargo is riskier to transport than other types of cargo. It’s important to accurately disclose the types of cargo your company will be hauling to avoid a claim being denied should your commercial truck be involved in an accident.

Contractual Requirements
Truckers that travel across state lines, haul hazardous cargo, offer for-hire trucking or for-hire passenger transportation all require federal filings. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) generally mandates a minimum liability limit of $750,000 or $1,000,000 combined single limit for truckers who need a federal filing. This amount is much higher than most state limits so truckers who require a federal filing can expect to pay more for trucking insurance.

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