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Finding Cheap SR-22 Insurance

Compare SR-22 Quotes and Get Back on the Road Today

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Getting a Quote for Affordable SR-22 Insurance is Easy

Are you looking for cheap SR-22 insurance? Freeway Insurance can find you great rates on SR-22 insurance coverage.

If you’ve been told you must file an SR-22 form with your state in order to drive, then you already know it’s not as easy as getting routine car insurance. At Freeway Insurance, our agents are trained in finding SR-22 insurance you can afford and making sure everything is properly filed with the state.

SR-22 insurance is more expensive than regular auto insurance, but luckily, if you follow the rules and don’t receive any more dings on your record, you could be paying normal rates again before long. Get an SR-22 insurance quote online by entering your zip code in the form above or call to talk to one of our insurance experts. We offer competitive rates on SR-22 insurance policies no matter your type of infraction or conviction.

At Freeway Insurance, we understand that things happen. It shouldn’t impact your ability to go to work every day or visit your children because you cannot get auto insurance.

How Much Does SR-22 Cost?

On average, drivers who must file an SR-22 will be looking at an increase of $400-$1,000 in their auto insurance premium. The amount you will pay as a driver with an SR-22 depends on the state you live in, who you insure with and other factors. Some insurance companies won’t insure someone who has to file an SR-22.

SR-22 insurance is more expensive than regular auto insurance. That’s because those who must file an SR-22 with their state have been classified as high-risk drivers. To an insurance company, that means the possibility of a claim is higher. To them, your record speaks for itself.

Freeway Insurance will insure motorists with an SR-22 burden. And we’ll work with you to make it as affordable as possible while you work hard to improve your record going forward.

Remember, a conviction for DUI in itself is highly expensive – somewhere in the neighborhood of $2,000-$4,000 and more. This is on top of skyrocketing insurance premiums and, sadly, other tolls – such as death, severe injury and property damage.

What Do You Need to Know about SR-22 Insurance?

Also referred to as a Certificate of Financial Responsibility, SR-22 form, or SR-22 bond, an SR-22 is not an actual insurance policy. It is a government form filed with your state’s Department of Motor Vehicles that serves as proof of insurance to allow mainly high-risk drivers to drive legally.

Some states do not require filing an SR-22 form. These states include Delaware, Kentucky, Minnesota, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, Oklahoma, and Pennsylvania. Other states, such as Florida and Virginia, require a separate FR-44 form for alcohol and substance-related DUI violations.

States that require an SR-22 want to make sure that high-risk drivers have insurance before they get on the road. You may be considered a high-risk driver if you have:

  • Been convicted of DUI or DWI
  • Caused a car accident resulting in injuries
  • Received a ticket for driving without an active insurance policy
  • Accumulated excess points against your driver’s license
  • Had your driver’s license revoked or suspended

Fortunately, Freeway Insurance can provide quality SR-22 coverage at an affordable cost. Filing for an SR-22 is an excellent way to get your driving record back on track.

How Does SR-22 Insurance Work?

After a serious offense, drivers may be required to file an SR-22 form through their insurance provider, who files it with the state after agreeing to cover you. Due to the nature of the SR-22 process, insurers have the right to demand a one-time payment for the entire policy, as opposed to monthly or quarterly installments.

You can expect to pay higher premiums for the entire filing period with an SR-22 requirement. Depending on the state and the offense, drivers may need to have SR-22 insurance on file for two to 10 years. If premiums are not paid on time, your insurer will report it to the DMV and your license may be subject to suspension shortly thereafter.

Freeway Insurance agents understand the law as it pertains to SR-22 and can help you navigate the confusing twists and turns until your record is on more solid ground.

To have SR-22s removed, drivers must be proactive and contact the insurance provider directly.

Note, those who do not own a car are required to obtain non-owner SR-22 certificates. This will allow these drivers to drive rentals or borrow vehicles.

Tips on Reducing SR-22 Insurance Rates

Although finding yourself in the position of needing an SR-22 bond means you will be facing higher insurance premiums, there are some ways to reduce your SR-22 insurance rates. For starters, drivers can choose to pare down their insurance coverage somewhat – at least until their rates come closer to normal. Keep in mind that policy additions, such as roadside assistance, can be cut, but may leave you in a vulnerable position if you find yourself stranded.

Additionally, many states can shorten timelines for serious convictions. For example, one offense can have an SR-22 filing timeline cut from five to three years if you maintain a clean driving record.

Lastly, drivers can take defensive driving courses. In many states, defensive driving courses could net you anywhere from a 5% to 10% discount. Other programs also allow you to install a telematics device in your vehicle to track your driving skills and distances driven, passing the data back to the insurance company.

At Freeway Insurance, we can help you make the right decisions while providing you with car insurance options that are sustainable.

How to Avoid Filing for SR-22 Insurance

It’s simple — drive safely. Avoid traffic violations, speeding tickets, and driving without car insurance. Even a single lapse in judgment can designate you as a high-risk driver and cause your premiums to skyrocket by more than 100% for at least three years.

All About FR-22 Forms

Some states, such as Florida and Virginia, use two forms — an SR-22 for infractions such as driving without insurance and an FR-44 form for alcohol and other substance-related DUI violations.

Each state has its own minimum liability coverage requirements. For example, Florida requires FR-44 insurance minimum liability coverage of 100/300/50, whereas Virginia requires SR-22 insurance minimum liability coverage of 50/100/40.

Having an SR-22 mandate means you are most likely going to be looking at close to double your car insurance rate while the mandate is in force. Not getting an SR-22 in the first place by being a good driver and making smart choices while behind the wheel is your best bet. However, if you find yourself in the position of needing an SR-22, we can help you at Freeway Insurance.

Contact Us to See How We Can Help With SR-22

In short, an SR-22 form is proof of insurance for drivers with less-than-stellar driving records. Freeway Insurance is happy to help find the right plan for you. To learn more, click on the link above, visit a Freeway Insurance office or call (800) 777-5620 for a free, no-obligation consultation.

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