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No Fault Insurance Coverage

Illustration of a car in the road

Personal Injury Protection (PIP), a type of auto insurance (also called no-fault insurance), is available in certain states and pays medical expenses, and in some cases, loss of income, essential services, accidental death, funeral expenses, and survivor benefits, regardless of who is at fault in an automobile accident.

Key Points About PIP No-Fault Insurance:

  • It covers losses tied to injuries, and does not cover damage to a car, or to any other property.
  • In some states, PIP is required by law; in other states, PIP is not available at all.
  • In some states, medical payments are covered under medical payments coverage.

If personal injury protection is available in your state, evaluate what your health insurance will cover and what it will not – and how it will impact the cost of your health care.

Be aware that if you have received any auto insurance quotes for “full coverage” insurance, PIP is optional, and not part of what is referred to as full coverage.

Auto Insurance Quotes Online

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