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Car Insurance in Florida

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Florida is the “Sunshine State” of America. And many of its residents view that sunshine from their car: the state has 14.6 million licensed drivers stretching from Northwest Florida down Ernest Hemingway’s old stomping grounds in Key West.

If you’re going to be driving around Florida, it’s important to get the right car insurance. But how can you know you’ve found the right insurance if you don’t know all the facts? Our guide will help you learn more about general car insurance and the different types of insurance that will keep you safe as you drive these sunny roads.

Quick Facts

  • Average premiums for full coverage in Florida: $3,230.
  • Average premiums for the legal minimum in Florida: $2,361.
  • Florida does not mandate good driver discounts for qualified drivers, but offers are typically available through your carrier.
  • The legal minimum coverage is liability coverage with $10,000 for personal injury protection and $10,000 for property damage liability.
  • Florida is a no-fault state.
  • With 200,000 reported car accidents reported each year, Florida is not the most dangerous state to drive in.
  • 20.4% of its drivers are on the road without insurance.

How Much Is Car Insurance in Florida?

Different states have different insurance costs and different requirements, so it’s important to get car insurance quotes from various carriers. And the different types of car insurance you take out can affect the overall cost you pay each month.

Keep in mind that Florida is a very big state. And the exact amount you pay for your insurance may depend on where you live and other factors outside of your control.

What Is the Average Premium in Florida for Full Coverage Car Insurance?

On average, you can expect to pay $3,230 for full coverage car insurance in Florida. This is significantly more expensive than the national average cost of $1,738. This relatively high cost makes it especially important for you to shop around to get different quotes.

In terms of monthly payments, the average monthly payment for this full coverage car insurance in Florida is $269. You may be able to get a discount if you can pay annually instead of monthly, and the right carrier may be able to get you full coverage insurance for a far lower premium.

How Much Is It for Just the Minimum Required Car Insurance in Florida?

Part of what makes the average above so high is that it includes optional types of insurance, including collision and comprehensive coverages. But the state of Florida only requires liability insurance. How much, then, does the minimum car insurance in Florida cost?

On average, the minimum insurance cost in Florida is $2,361. It may be tempting to save some money by getting only the minimum amount of coverage. However, this can place you in serious financial jeopardy if you don’t have enough coverage and get in an accident.

Long story short? By getting quotes from multiple carriers, you can get more than the minimum coverage in Florida at a very competitive price. Many drivers found out each year that the “minimum” is not truly enough coverage once they are involved in an accident.

How Do Rates Compare Across Major Cities in Florida?

Those who first move to Florida are often taken aback by the diversity of the cities. These range from small beach communities in cities like Destin to major metropolitan areas such as Jacksonville, Miami, and Tampa. By comparing the average cost of insurance across major cities throughout the state, you can get a better idea of how much you may end up paying in different places.

City Population Average Car Insurance Cost
Jacksonville 920,984 $4,477.58
Miami 491,724 $6,963.04
Tampa 403,178 $6,340.98
Orlando 297,243 $4,815.99
St. Petersburg 273,968 $5,326.07
Hialeah 234,428 $7,130.02
Port St. Lucie 202,769 $4,534.00
Cape Coral 194,570 $4,049.27
Tallahassee 194,170 $3,933.92
Fort Lauderdale 181,995 $5,923.21

Is There a Good Driver Discount in Florida?

Being a good driver is often its own reward because it helps you qualify for good driver discounts. But the nature of these discounts varies from state to state. And that brings us to the question: Is there a good driver discount in Florida?

The answer is both yes and no. While the state does not have any officially mandated good driver discounts, insurance companies throughout Florida typically offer discounts for good driving as well as other positive habits.

Drivers with clean records can usually get a discount ranging from 10% to 30% off the typical cost. Those who install certain safety features (including daytime running lights, multiple airbags, and anti-lock brakes) can net you a discount of up to 30%. On a related note, installing certain anti-theft devices may result in a discount of up to 25%.

A more modern option offered by some carriers includes the driver consenting to devices or apps monitoring their driving behavior, with safe drivers able to get a discount of up to 30%. We recommend that you ask multiple carriers about the discounts they offer before you finalize your decision.

Florida Car Insurance Laws

Most of Florida’s car insurance laws are fairly straightforward. Below, our guide will walk you through things like mandatory car insurance requirements, penalties for driving without insurance, and when you are required to report an accident to the authorities.

Be sure to study these sections carefully. It’s easy to violate Florida insurance law if you don’t know all of the specifics. And in Florida, like any other state, ignorance of the law will not serve as a good defense in court!

What Are the Mandatory Car Insurance Requirements in Florida?

Like most states, Florida’s minimum required insurance is liability insurance. If you don’t already know, the purpose of liability insurance is to pay for personal injury and/or property damage that you cause if you are found to be liable for a car accident. While you can add comprehensive and collision insurance to better protect your car, only liability insurance will cover potential damage that you cause to property and to other people.

Minimum Liability Insurance Requirements for Private Passenger Vehicles in Florida:

What Factors Does Florida Law Allow in Determining Your Premiums?

It’s one thing to know what the average cost of car insurance premiums is in Florida. However, many drivers are naturally curious about another question: How are these premiums actually determined?

The truth is that everybody’s insurance policy is unique. And to determine your exact premium, Florida relies on common data points insurance providers use throughout the country:

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Credit score
  • Education & occupation
  • Marital status
  • Zipcode
  • Car type
  • Driving history

What Is Driving Like in Florida?

Unfortunately, car accidents are a regular way of life throughout Florida. While careful driving will keep you relatively safe, you should be aware of the number of car accidents that occur throughout the state each year.

How Many Car Accidents Happen in Florida?

According to research from the Florida Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles Department, these are the latest statistics concerning car accidents throughout the state.

County Number of car accidents in 2019
Miami-Dade County 65,143
Broward County 41,114
Palm Beach County 26,817
Hillsborough County 29,155
Orange County 31,595

How Many Uninsured/Underinsured Motorists Are in Florida?

One of the biggest threats to you while driving in Florida comes from uninsured and underinsured motorists. If you are struck by one of these drivers, and they do not have sufficient insurance coverage, then you may be stuck paying a hefty bill.

Unfortunately, the threat of uninsured drivers is very real in Florida. An estimated 20.4% of Florida’s drivers are uninsured, which is one of the highest rates in the country!

If you plan on driving in Florida, we recommend that you research Uninsured Motorist Insurance to help protect yourself from these uninsured drivers.

FAQs About Florida Car Insurance

I Am a Low-Income Driver. What Can I Do About Getting Car Insurance in Florida?

It’s easy to discuss buying comprehensive car insurance when you have a lot of disposable income. But what can you do about getting car insurance in Florida when you are a low-income driver?

Unfortunately, the state doesn’t offer any specific programs to help low-income drivers pay for their insurance. In a pinch, you can always save money by getting only the minimum amount of insurance required by the state.

Generally, the best bet for low-income drivers is to contact multiple insurance carriers and get as many quotes as possible. By taking a little extra time to do this research, low-income drivers can find the sweet spot between the coverage they desire and the coverage they can afford.

Can an Undocumented Worker Get Car Insurance in Florida?

Florida has more undocumented workers than many other states. These workers still need to drive from place to place, especially with the lack of decent public transportation in the south. And that brings us to an important question: Can undocumented workers get car insurance in Florida?

The short answer is no. While there are 15 states (plus Washington, D.C.) that allow undocumented workers to get car insurance, Florida is not one of them.

Is It Possible to Get Car Insurance in Florida With a DUI on My Record?

If you are convicted of a DUI while driving in Florida, you probably have questions concerning your insurance. And the most basic question is simply this: Is it still possible to get insurance?

If you are currently in this situation, then we have some good news and some bad news. The good news is that it is still possible to get car insurance in Florida after being convicted of a DUI. The bad news is that the only kind of insurance you can get is going to be fairly expensive.

After being convicted of either a DUI or DWI in Florida, the only kind of car insurance you can get is FR-44 insurance. Strictly speaking, this is not a separate kind of insurance type. Instead, the FR-44 is a type of endorsement that is added to your insurance after you have been convicted, but it is often referred to as “DUI Insurance.”

When you are required to get an FR-44, you now face higher minimum limits on your insurance coverage. You now need a minimum of $100,000 for bodily injury protection per person, $300,000 for bodily injury protection per accident, and $50,000 in property damage liability protection.

This is usually enough to drive your insurance costs up quite a bit. While it is up to the state on how long you must have an FR-44 on file, you can usually count on a minimum of three years. And this needs to be at least three years of consistent coverage: If you have any lapses on your coverage, it effectively starts that three-year counter over again.

Another factor that adds to the cost is that once you have an FR-44, you typically need to pay for your insurance for at least six months at a time. And this can be a difficult transition if you are used to paying month to month.

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Buying car insurance will keep you in compliance with Florida state laws. More importantly, the right insurance plan can help you protect yourself every time you get behind the wheel.

However, it can be difficult to find Florida car insurance that meets your needs without emptying your wallet. And if you’re not careful, you might end up with insufficient coverage and run the risk of major repair bills and hospital bills.

The good news is that finding the right quote is really just a click or a call away. We are happy to help you get started with a quote online. You can also visit the nearest Florida office that is convenient to you. Or if you’d like to get the info you need while speaking to one of our professional representatives, all you have to do is call us at (800) 777-5620 for a quote today!