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Get Car Insurance for Young Drivers Online

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Cheap Car Insurance Quotes for Young Drivers

If you’re the parent of a teen driver, you’re probably wondering how to keep your teen protected even when you’re not with them. But protecting your teen driver is easier than you think. By getting car insurance for your teen, you’ll know that you have the best car insurance for young drivers. We do all the hard work by putting together quotes for car insurance in your local area so that you can pick the best option. It’s easy to get an online quote for car insurance for young drivers with Freeway Insurance.

Cheap Auto Insurance for Teenage Drivers

For any new teenage driver, getting a driver’s license and a car is the most exciting thing in the world. It also means new responsibilities. Not just in terms of traffic laws, auto maintenance, and keeping gas in the tank, but also financial responsibility, even when the unexpected happens.

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But car insurance for teen drivers is the last thing your teen is likely to think about when they drive off. That’s why it’s important to talk to your teen, not just about driving safely but about understanding the financial impacts of accidents and how insurance helps protect your teen as well as the whole family.

Finding the Best Car Insurance for Teenage Drivers

It’s no secret that teenage drivers pose a special risk. Teen drivers are less experienced at driving, tend to be distracted more easily, and are more likely to underestimate the risk of driving recklessly or too fast. But that doesn’t mean that young drivers are impossible to insure. By choosing the best car insurance for teens coverage, you can protect your teen on the road while saving money in the long run.

What is the Best Car Insurance for College Students?

The best car insurance for college students depends on a few factors, such as whether they’re driving their own car (they’ll need their own liability insurance policy for that) or if they can stay on their parents’ car insurance policy. For the most part, car insurance is always more expensive when you are younger. And many students traditionally enter college when they are 18.  Every carrier offers discounts on car insurance and some of these discounts are only available to college student.

Let’s take a look at the most common types of car insurance for young drivers and why they’re good to have.

Choosing Liability Insurance for Teen Drivers

Just like any other driver, teen drivers need to make sure that they’re covered by the minimum liability insurance required by law. Specific requirements for liability insurance vary from state to state, but most states dictate minimum coverage for:

  • Bodily injury liability, which covers the medical costs of other drivers and passengers if your teen is at fault for an accident
  • Property damage liability, which covers the repair costs of the other driver’s car if your teen is at fault for an accident

Is Roadside Assistance a Good Solution

Cars break down all the time and it’s even more likely with young drivers. Less experienced drivers are more likely to forget to do routine maintenance like oil changes and are less likely to notice signs and sounds that something’s wrong with their car. With a roadside assistance plan, you and your teen can have the peace of mind that they’ll never be stranded anywhere, whether they have a dead battery, an empty fuel tank, a flat tire, or smoke coming from under the hood. Help is always just a phone call away.

Get Cheap Car Insurance Quotes for Young Drivers?

When you’re a parent, seeing your teen drive on their own for the first time is both very exciting and very scary. How can you make sure that your teen is protected even when you’re not there with them? When they’re on the road, the best thing you can do to protect your teen driver is to make sure they have the right insurance coverage.

At Freeway Insurance, we help parents protect their teens every day with affordable, cheap car insurance for young drivers. Get an online quote for car insurance today, visit one of our offices or call us at (800) 777 5620.

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