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Is your home still on the market? You may be warding off potential buyers.


You’re ready to move, you’ve made up your mind that the roots of your life belong planted elsewhere. Yet you find yourself stagnate in the process. You’ve made the jump, agent is hired, paperwork is set; house is appraised. You’ve priced your home within reasonable scale of other homes that have been sold in your neighborhood. Now 6 months have passed, and no deals have come through. A few buyers sniffed around here and there, but none have been excited when viewing your home. So what could possibly keep you in this sort of real estate purgatory? You may be subconsciously repelling potential buyers.

Cue of the senses
The senses are the gateways to our mind.  However, when we live in a home for a long period of time, we become accustomed to the sights and smells so much that we don’t even notice them anymore. The exact opposite rings true for new potential buyers. No scent should linger in your home. If you have pets or smoke, deodorize the entire house before showing it to a buyer. Try a scent that is simple and fresh, but not overpowering.

Get rid of the eye sores. A potential buyer does not see the fixer upper you see in your home. If there is clutter, the buyer will perceive the property in an unpleasant manner.  If you have repairs needed, take care of them before showing the house. You also need to avoid controversial or offensive sights. The rabbit you shot and stuffed from last year’s camping trip may be a prize to you, but a visual horror to the vegan buyer.

Appeal to emotions
Purchasing a house is a very emotional purchase indeed. It is essential to pay close attention to detail when showing your property. Families want to buy their dream home. Try to remember why you first bought your home. Recreate the atmosphere you felt when you first purchased it. If you can’t remember, view other houses listed for sale. See what rings in you as a “homey” feeling.

If you don’t, you may end up getting desperate. Desperation will get you anxious to sell, which will in turn cause you to drop your listing price to an amount that is below market value. Implement these strategies, and watch the offers pour in.

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