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Illegal Fireworks Likely Caused Fire in Anaheim Home

House on fire during the Anaheim Fire. Big flames coming out of the roof and side wings. Lots of smoke in the sky

July 4th is a time where many people enjoy a day off of work to spend time with family and friends, celebrating the nation’s freedom and reflecting on U.S. history. In Southern California, there’s lots of fun to be had. In Anaheim, park-goers and onlookers can see a brilliant display of fireworks at one of the world’s most popular theme parks, Disneyland. But just a few miles away, in the same city, a home is now partially damaged due to a fire that ripped through the home the night of the 4th. Fragments of illegal fireworks were found within a few feet of the residence leading Anaheim officials to believe that illegally sparked fireworks were the cause of a home that eventually caught fire.

Sgt. Daron Wyatt, spokesman for the Anaheim police and fire department, confirmed the incident, stating that firefighters responded on July 4, a little after 9 P.M. At the time of arrival, the home’s garage was on fire. Smoke and flames were seen blazing through the garage as firefighters worked to put extinguish the fire, which eventually spread to the kitchen. Fortunately, there were no reported deaths or injuries that resulted from the incident.

Wyatt went on to describe the incident, “As we’re standing here there’s a bunch of debris from fireworks, illegal fireworks in the street. We can see fireworks going off all around us here….While we haven’t confirmed the actual cause of this fire, it’s suspected that fireworks are going to be a factor here. So we’ve got a family here who’s going to be out of their residence probably at least for tonight all the result, mostly likely, of illegal fireworks.”

Although many California cities ban all fireworks, Anaheim is an exception. The city does allow fireworks that are considered reasonably safe. The type of fireworks banned in Anaheim are large and are to be used in an event setting, not residential. After viewing the debris, it was determined that the fireworks found within a few feet of the damaged home were, in fact, illegal. Wyatt encourages those who wish to enjoy holiday fireworks to go to events where fireworks are organized by an official crew.

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