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Make the Best out of Your Commute

Close up to hand adjusting the volume of a car stereo to illustrate ways to take advantage of your commute

Everyone who drives a car experiences this horrible predicament once (or sometimes more often) in his or her lifetime – traffic! Traffic can be unbearable, especially when running behind schedule. Traffic can also cause a great amount of stress on the body; sitting in the same position for long periods of time can be damaging. So what can you do? How can you make the best out of your commute?

1)   Be flexible with scheduling. Sometimes this isn’t possible with employers. However, if there is a way to speak to your employer about coming in later and making up that time later, or working on some weekends, it may be worth a conversation.

2)   Catch up on reading – audio books, that is! Why not take advantage of that time in traffic by picking up some audio CDs or downloading MP3s? It’s a great way to keep the stress off your mind when in traffic, and to learn something new.

3)   Get a massage. There are plenty of car seat massagers on the market. These usually come with a power source cord that can be plugged into the lighter outlet.

4)   Use it as a mental exercise. Instead of cursing at people (whether in your mind or out loud), try to take advantage of traffic to improve your overall attitude and temperament. Every time someone cuts you off, try looking at it as a test of patience, instead of immediately becoming upset.

5)   Schedule hands-free phone meetings. Warning: if you do not have strong multi-tasking abilities, this is not a good idea and should be avoided. But for some, this can be a great time saver. Scheduling meetings while on the road is a great way to utilize that travel time to handle matters on the phone. However, please make sure to use hands-free capabilities when doing this. We do not encourage unsafe driving!

In one or two hours, you can catch up on reading, get a massage, improve your character, and conduct a meeting, all while driving in traffic! Now, after reading this, you can never say traffic was a waste of time!


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