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Justin Bieber Faces Driving While Impaired Charges

Mugshot of famous pop star Justin Bieber

Pop star Justin Bieber has been all over the news lately – and it’s not for his record sales. The latest story concerns his driving violations in Miami Beach. Bieber was pulled over after a police officer saw him driving a yellow Lamborghini racing against a red Ferrari in a residential area of Miami Beach. Not good if you’re shopping for new car insurance.

According to an intoxication evaluation conducted by police, his speech was mumbled, his pupils dilated, his face flushed and his eyes bloodshot.

Bieber, who is 19, was arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence after struggling to complete two Breathalyzer tests — he blew .011% and .014%. Although his blood-alcohol content was below the general .08% legal limit for drivers and Florida’s .02% limit for drivers under the legal drinking age of 21, further tests revealed he was under the influence of alcohol, pot and Xanax.

At the police station, Bieber was given a number of sobriety tests, including “finger to nose”, “walk and turn,” “horizontal gaze,” “Romberg balance,” and “one-leg stand” — he failed all of them.

Bieber told police that he had taken “medications for anxiety” that night but that he did not know what it was or if he even had a prescription for it. The preliminary toxicology report on Bieber’s urine sample said it tested positive for “metabolite of THC,” which indicates marijuana use, and alprazolam, the generic name for the prescription sedative Xanax.

An alcohol level by itself wouldn’t automatically clear someone of DUI; Florida law also states individuals can be convicted if controlled substances — not just alcohol — impair the driver’s “normal faculties”.

Another question remains — how was Bieber allowed to rent the Lamborghini? According to the car rental agency’s policy, drivers must be 25 years of age and older to rent a vehicle. In certain cases, they may be able to rent to drivers between the ages of 21-25, but will not rent to people under 21. Obviously, someone else rented the car and let him drive it. This means, Bieber’s auto insurance wouldn’t cover him if he got into an accident. And, if he was found liable, his car insurance rate would increase. But, with his bankroll, I don’t think he’d have a problem with a rate jump.


Do you think Bieber should be charged with driving while impaired?  Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below.


Photograph source: – Miami Beach Police Dept.


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