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Celebrate Cesar Chavez Day

A street sign that reads Cesar E Chavez hanging next to a traffic light in Los Angeles

Cesar Chavez Dayis March 31, and is an official state holiday in California, Colorado and Texas. In honor of Cesar Chavez’s life and work, which drew attention to the plight of migrant farm workers, the day is dedicated to promote service to the community. Though he didn’t know it at the time, Chavez paved the way for undocumented immigrants to look forward to obtaining driver’s licenses in California with the passage of senate bill AB 60. This landmark law will enable to allow undocumented immigrants to drive legally and obtain car insurance.

Although it is not a federal holiday, President Barack Obama proclaims March 31 as Cesar Chavez Day in the United States, In addition, celebrations are held in Arizona, Michigan, Nebraska, and New Mexico.

César Chávez Day has been celebrated in Reno, Nevada, since 2003. A state law passed in 2009 (AB 301) requires Nevada’s governor to annually issue a proclamation declaring March 31 as César Chávez Day.

Here are some key facts about César Chávez:

1927 Cesar Chavez is born on March 31, 1927, in Yuma, Arizona.

1942 Chavez quits grammar school to work full-time in the fields.

1946 Chavez enlists in the Navy, where he serves for two years in the Pacific.

1952 Chavez joins the Community Service Organization (CSO) in San Jose, Calif., and becomes an organizer in the Mexican American community, leading voter registration drives and opposing racial and economic discrimination.

1958 Chavez becomes executive director of the CSO, moves headquarters to Los Angeles.

1962 Chavez founds the National Farm Workers Association (NFWA) in Delano, Calif., with labor leader Dolores Huerta.

1965 The NFWA joins the Agricultural Workers Organizing Committee (AWOC) who had begun striking against grape growers in Delano.

1966 The strikers march 250 miles from Delano to Sacramento to present a list of their demands. First contracts for American farm workers signed by several grape companies.

1966 NFWA and AWOC merge, forming the United Farm Workers (UFW), which becomes an affiliate of the AFL-CIO.

1968 Chavez leads a two-year national boycott of California table grape growers.

1970 The UFW signs a contract with most California table grape growers, ending the strike.

1975 The California Labor Relations Act goes into effect, allowing farm workers the right to boycott and to collective bargaining.

1988 Chavez carries out a 36-day “Fast for Life” to call attention to the health hazards faced by farm workers by pesticide exposure.

1993 Chavez dies on April 23, 1993.

1994 President Bill Clinton awards posthumous Medal of Freedom to Chavez.

2000 California establishes a state holiday on Chavez’s birthday.

2003 United States Postal Service honors Chavez with a commemorative postage stamp.

Celebrate the life of this civil rights pioneer on March 31, and if you haven’t applied for your driver’s license yet and lack car insurance, you should prepare for the written exam by studying the California Driver Handbook, available on the DMV webpage at

What are you doing to celebrate César Chávez Day?  Feel free to share your thoughts and comments in the comments section below.

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