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Benefits of Carpooling

Interracial group of 2 women and one man smiling in the same car depicting the benefits of carpooling

With food prices on the rise and the cost of gas skyrocketing (now averaging about $4.00 per gallon nationwide), it’s becoming more and more challenging for Americans to make ends meet. There are some things you can begin doing today to reduce some of these expenses and put more of that hard-earned money back where it belongs – in your pocket!

How Do I Start Carpooling?

Carpooling, also commonly known as ride sharing, is becoming one of the most popular and easiest ways to save money. There are several benefits of carpooling. Not only will you save money on gas by sharing a ride, but you’ll also save money that would normally go toward the natural daily wear and tear on your car – engines, brakes, tires, etc.

Carpooling arrangements can vary to best suit the needs and preferences of your group. You may prefer to rotate drivers on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. Riders may pitch in money toward gas and expenses when it’s not their turn to drive. Or you can choose to have each driver cover the costs during their turn to drive.

Setting up a carpooling group is relatively easy. There are a multitude of sites available to match you with the right carpooling group – geographically, chronologically and by personal preferences (gender, music, non-smokers, etc). One of the latest sites to manage carpooling is Facebook. Their new carpool app makes it easy for users to share rides; Google Maps is integrated right into the app for extra convenience.

The top five states to take advantage of carpooling are Hawaii, Arizona, Alaska, Utah and Idaho.

Benefits to the Environment

In addition to saving money on gas and wear and tear on your car, there are many other advantages of carpooling. When you share a ride, you’re helping to protect our environment. According to Sightline Institute, the average car with a single driver emits 1.10 lbs of carbon dioxide per mile. When you carpool, an average car with three passengers naturally decreases that number by one-third.

More Reasons to Carpool

So, you’re saving money on gas, on car repairs and helping the environment. Sounds pretty good, right? That’s only part of it. As if there aren’t already enough reasons to make carpooling an easy decision, there are even more carpooling benefits:

  • When it’s not your turn to drive, you can relax and enjoy not having to deal with the stress of driving.
  • You can utilize this free time to prepare more for your big meeting that day, squeeze in some extra work or even take a nap!
  • It’s also a great way to get to know somebody (and their taste in music) outside of the work environment.
  • Most drivers have a tendency to drive with more caution when there is a passenger in their vehicle.
  • Some insurance companies offer discounts to those who ride-share.

Be cool, and start a carpool today!

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