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1988 Volvo Reaches 1,000,000 mile mark and Keeps

The dashboard of a Toyota Corolla with velocimeters, odometers and a fuel gauge..

Vic Dres long-term relationship with a car began in 1988 when he bought a new Volvo GLE. His goal from the start was to drive the car one million miles and he displays a personalized license plate that proclaims “GL1000K”. Each time Vic passed 100,000 more miles, Volvo awarded him a medallion, all of which he visibly displays on his car.

Vic lives in Grover Beach, a city in San Luis Obispo County, California, and for 17 years, had been driving to work in Goleta, a round trip trek of more than 160 miles. allowed him to rack up 800,000 miles towards his goal. Too bad he was piling on too many miles to keep him from getting any breaks on his auto insurance. But the reliable Volvo just kept going strong.

When Vic accepted a job in 2005 just 6 miles from home, he had 800,000 miles on the odometer. Let’s hope Vic remembered to ask for a new auto insurance quote for a low mileage discount. His progress towards the million-mile goal was now reduced to a crawl, but he continued to chip away at the remaining 200,000 miles when the magic event finally arrived in January 2014.

The sturdy vehicle still has its original engine and original gasket. What’s his secret to the car’s amazing endurance? He just follows the standard maintenance that Volvo recommends like regular oil and fluid changes, and upkeep on belts and hoses.

Volvo will certify Mr. Dres’ milestone and honor him with a one million mile club medallion. While Vic Dres’ accomplishment is quite remarkable, there is someone who set a mark for the most vehicle mileage that may stand forever. In 2013, Guinness World Record holder Irv Gordon passed the three million mile mark in his car — you guessed it – another Volvo (a 1966 Volvo P1800). I wonder if Irv pays more for car insurance in New York.

Have you had good or bad experiences with high mileage cars? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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