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15 Tips to Save Money This Holiday Season

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The holidays are right around the corner. You may be scrambling to buy a few last-minute gifts or to buy all of your gifts. No matter where you are in your holiday shopping, you could use some tips on how to save money this year. The holidays should not be a stressful time. The holidays should be a time of love, celebration, and gratitude. Don’t let overspending ruin your holidays, read on to learn how you can save money this holiday season.

1. Decide how much you can spend

Some people don’t like to use the word “budget,” but knowing your set amount ahead of time will help you avoid overspending.

2. Order online

Think about how much you want to spend and then search online for those items to do comparison shopping. Shop where you can get FREE shipping.

3. Buy decorations from a dollar store

If you want to decorate your home, consider purchasing your decorations from a local dollar store. You can get stockings, mistletoe, and window decorations for a dollar each.

4. Clean your closets

You may find great gifts in there. Donate gently used clothing to non-profit organizations.

5. Use coupons

Search online for coupons to almost any store. Print them out and use them at the stores or use online coupons and promo codes. You can find coupons by store name or brand. Check the midweek and weekend papers for coupons too.

6. Shop at thrift stores

Gently used items are less expensive. Thrift stores are an excellent option for shopping for children, especially infants and toddlers. They grow rapidly and they often get bored with toys and games.

7. Start early and stop

Start early by making a list, and when you’ve gone through the list, stop shopping. Don’t be tempted to buy just one more small item, because that one item leads to more items. Shopping early allows you to enjoy more time with family and friends.

8. Post-holiday shopping

Consider doing your shopping after the holidays. There may not be as much to choose from, but you’ll find some great deals.

9. Plan travel early

If you’re traveling, plan early. You can shop around for deals on airfare, hotels, and other expenses.

10. Find free holiday events

Local malls, parks, recreation centers, community organizations, churches, and other places offer holiday music, plays, and other entertainment. Check out the free events and enjoy family time together.

11. Make a gift

It’s a wonderful feeling to make something with your hands and from the heart. You can find great ideas online. Try Etsy or Pinterest for inspiration. Consider making candles, jewelry, cookies, cakes, or artwork. You can even get a lot of your materials from the dollar store.

12. Host or attend a potluck

It can be expensive to make a big holiday meal on your own. Contact a few family members and friends and ask them to bring a dish. With everyone pitching in, you all save time and money.

13. Limit credit card use

Remember that interest accumulates. If you need to use your credit cards, only charge what you can pay off within 30 days to avoid the extra expense.

14. Take advantage of price-matching

You can check your local retailers to see if they are offering a price-match guarantee. This means they will match the price of a competitor or even offer the product at a lower cost. A lot of retailers are offering price matching. Be sure to ask while you are shopping.

15. Use cash

If you decide to pay for all of your holiday shopping with cash, it may be easier for you to keep track of your spending and avoid going over your budget. Withdraw only the amount of money for which you have budgeted. Once that amount is gone, stop shopping.

Remember the reason for the season. Whether you are celebrating Christmas, Hannukah, or Kwanzaa this year, don’t forget the biggest reason why you are celebrating. Getting and receiving gifts is always a plus, but make sure you are spending wisely. And if you are driving this holiday season, make sure your car insurance is current. If you need cheap car insurance, call Freeway.

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