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Toyota Relocates California Operations to North Texas

A Hybrid Toyota RAV4 SUV to illustrate that Toyota Relocates California Operations to North Texas

In a move that will bring an estimated 4,000 jobs to North Texas, Toyota Motor Corporation has broken ground on its new Plano headquarters. The decision behind the relocation came following the automaker’s realization that they could better serve their customers by building a shared campus. While it may not help you in your search for cheap auto insurance, it does mean Toyota has expanded its long-time relationship with the Lone Star state…and, trumped California…which is always a treat for Texans.

The new $350 million headquarters in Legacy Park, which has been projected to take 3 years to build, is expected to be fully operational by 2017 – becoming home to Toyota’s manufacturing, marketing, sales, finance and corporate departments – uniting the company in one convenient location. The move will also allow the Toyota brand to continue its growth efforts and create new opportunities in the future. Those opportunities, some believe, could mean as many as 10,000 jobs for the area, resulting in additional demand for office and industrial space.

Although Toyota’s new Plano facilities will take an expected 3 years to construct, the company already has plans to start relocating small groups of executives and employees over the summer. By the time the complex is finished, more than 4,000 employees should be in place – hailing from Toyota’s current headquarters in Torrance, California, Erlanger, Kentucky, and New York locations – as well as potential new hires from the North Texas area.

As previously mentioned, Toyota’s relationship with Texas isn’t a new one. As a matter of fact, both parties have enjoyed past dealings though the automakers $2.2 billion truck-assembly complex near San Antonio, which reportedly rolled out its one-millionth truck last September. Furthermore, with Toyota becoming a more U.S.-centric company with valuable assets located all over the American landscape, it’s only makes sense to spread its footprint in this manner.

Currently, Toyota’s 14 North American manufacturing plants now build 71 percent of all vehicles sold by the company every year…an increase of 55 percent from 2008.

Other considerations facing the automaker were logistics:

• The company’s oldest U.S. manufacturing operations are in Georgetown, Ky.
• The company makes Corollas in Mississippi and exporting them to Latin America
• The company produces vehicles from Indiana to Alabama
• The company performs much of its engineering work in Michigan

In the end, Plano is closer to all of those places than Torrance, California is. So, the winner, hands down, is Texas.

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Do you think Toyota’s relocation to North Texas is a good move? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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