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Read This Labor Day Traffic in Southern California

Text that reads Labor day Celebrate with a fence with an American flag as background. Read This to Avoid Labor Day Traffic in Southern California

Labor Day weekend is the last chance of the year for many people to go on vacation, so it’s one of the biggest travel holidays. Automobile Mag reports 38 million travelers are opting for road trips, thanks to low gas prices nationwide. When you’re planning your adventure, make sure that you account for the Southern California trouble travel spots that could set you back hours.

Los Angeles, Anaheim and Long Beach Rush Hour
Try to steer clear of this area during rush hour, as the LA Times predicts delays 65 percent higher than average. You don’t want to get caught up on everyone getting out of work for the holiday weekend and trying to make their way out of town. Since many companies let employees leave early on three-day weekends, rush hour is going to start earlier than normal. Account for this as you create your schedule for your vacation.

Interstate 10
Are you headed westbound? You’re in for a rough weekend that could add four hours to your trip. The eastbound lane got washed out earlier in July at Desert Center. Highway crews shifted these lanes while they address the damage, which reduces this area down to a one-lane bottleneck.

Interstate 15
Are you going near Cajon Pass or Devore? You’re going to run into several improvement projects and regions getting repaved, with lane changes throughout this area. Stay alert as you pass through the work zones and allow more time when you let friends and family know your ETA.

Interstate 40
You’re running into the same single-lane problems that Interstate 10 has for westbound traffic near Desert Center. You also run into this issue in San Bernardino County due to bridge repairs. Try looking for an alternate route if you don’t want to risk getting stuck here for an extra four hours.

Staying Safe on Longer-Than-Normal Road Trips
A two-hour trip could keep you out on the road for six hours or more. If you aren’t prepared, you could run into major problems in the heat. Make sure your health insurance has in-network providers at your destination. If you get heat stroke or other medical issues due to an extended time in the car, you don’t want to pay a lot of money out of pocket.

Pack your cooler full of water to keep everyone well hydrated. Nutritious snacks, such as trail mix, nuts and protein bars, can stave off irritation from hunger when the nearest restaurant is miles away. Prepare plenty of age-appropriate entertainment options. You can’t do much about the time it will take you to get away from slow areas, but you can make sure to keep your family in high spirits.

Southern California traffic conditions don’t look pleasant this Labor Day weekend, but advance preparation can spare you a lot of trouble. Map out your routes in advance and try to avoid the hardest hit locations, so you keep your stress and travel time low.

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