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Auto Insurance News You May Have Missed Week of March 3rd 2014

Newspaper titled Freeway Insurance that reads

This Car Has a Serious Need For Speed
Move over, Bugatti, there’s a new king of speed in town. This past Valentine’s Day, the Hennessey Venom GT set a new world speed record for two-seater sports cars by reaching a road-eating top speed of 270.49 mph. The previous record, held by the Bugatti Veyron Super Sport, was clocked at 267.80 mph
Source: Freeway Insurance
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Los Angeles Roads – Ground Zero for Potholes
Potholes. We shudder (literally) to even think about them. Unfortunately, along with epic traffic jams, potholes are an all–too common occurrence for Los Angeles drivers.
Source: Freeway Insurance
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Indiana State Police Hosting $5K Social Media Contest
Instead of making a tragic mistake behind the wheel, Indiana high school and college students are being encouraged to put their smartphones to good use by urging others to “Drive Now. TXT L8R.”
The Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles, Indiana Criminal Justice Institute, Indiana Department of Labor, Indiana Department of Transportation and Indiana State Police have partnered to award $5,000 scholarships to students who compose the most creative and viral social media posts on Twitter, Instagram and Vine.
Source: Stacey Page Online
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Massachusetts RMV planning to raise fees
Tasked with developing a portion of its own revenue, the Massachusetts Department of Transportation is closing in on plans to raise Registry of Motor Vehicle fees, in addition to the previously announced 5 percent increase in MBTA fares.
Source: South Coast
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DMV computer glitches delay transactions
Statewide problems with the Department of Motor Vehicles computer system has meant delays to process paperwork and has been a headache for local offices.
Source: Watertown Daily Times
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DMV extends online tracking feature to include applications for handicap placards
Virginia motorists who have applied for a new or renewed handicap placard now have an easier way to track their order.
Source: Greenfield Daily Reporter
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Reno DMV office testing system to cut long waits
The Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles is testing out a new system aimed at cutting frustratingly long lines. The DMV is launching the Dash Pass system on Monday at its Galletti Way office in Reno. The system allows DMV patrons to use their phones or the Internet to place themselves in a virtual line, then come to the office when their turn approaches
Source: Las Vegas Sun
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Vermont DMV launches new version of online tutorial
Vermont officials say they’re launching a new version of an online tutorial to help new drivers prepare for their learner’s permit exam.
Source: Washington Times
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Red-Light Cameras: Safety Measure or Money Grab?The shutters clicked, the grainy photos were sent to the red-light violators and St. Louis raised $4.1 million last year. Now the vehicular version of “Candid Camera” may be ending, as it has in other U.S towns and cities.A circuit court judge in St. Louis nullified its camera law Feb. 11, two months after a Missouri appeals court judge struck down a similar suburban ordinance.
Source: Insurance
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