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Auto Insurance News You May Have Missed Week of February 17th 2014

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Policy review prompts closure of Lovingston DMV
The Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles recently announced that it has closed the Lovingston DMV select office indefinitely as the state agency conducts an internal audit of the facility’s policies and procedures.
Source: The Daily Progress
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Fairfax County leads state in texting-while-driving convictions
In the first six months since a new Virginia law made texting while driving a primary offense that now carries a hefty fine, Fairfax County leads the state in convictions, according to the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles.
Source: Fairfax County Times
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Boise House Rep. Erpelding Wants Idaho to Offer Online Voter Registration
Erpelding outlined his proposal to have the Idaho Secretary of State’s office develop an online portal that is “enjoined” with the Department of Motor Vehicles, in order to verify signatures and streamline voter registration.
Source: Boise Weekly

Tax administrator: check your bills
Davidson County’s tax administrator is alerting residents about what he says are potentially costly glitches associated with the state-mandated Tag and Tax Together program. Some car owners are reporting being charged more by the Department of Motor Vehicles than is listed on their property tax bill, which is issued by the Davidson County Tax Department.
Source: The Dispatch
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TRAFFIC ROUNDUP: You have to be out of your mind not to pay out-of-state tickets
If you receive a ticket from another state, then return to South Carolina and the time lapses between when you were supposed to either pay the fine or appear in court, that state will notify the S.C. Department of Motor Vehicles (SCDMV). This action will cause your South Carolina driver’s license to be suspended. The Penalty: Operating a motor vehicle while your drivers’ license is suspended will cost you $652.50 for a first offense.
Source: The Morning News
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